Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Grrrrrr what a bad day!!!!

WEll I'm sitting at work! (that's not even the bad part) and since 6:30 this morning (It's now 11:20) I've been trying to get prices on items that just are unavailable and every suppier is dodging my phone calls! Grrrrr I'm then in turn dodging the supervisor who needs these materials (ASAP of course) So what was a morning of catching up on paper work has turned into a morning of hide & seek!!!

The rain this morning made it hard enough to get out of bed, a good book or a day scraping would have been so much better!! Plus Josh is back on night shift meaning I'm at home alone AGAIN!!! (I think he likes getting away from me the poor thing lol) For those who are only just getting to know me, Josh is a bucket head (boiler maker) and when he works nights he does 6pm - 6am so I've left by the time he comes home in the morning, and he has left for work by the time I get home in the evening!! Making any attempt at a relationship extreamly hard and lonely. But I will give it to hime, when he has the time he makes me his only priority. I just miss him so much!!

On a good note, the tipping somp has all been set up, i missed a few but I think every one is in by now, if you want to be in you have until Friday to let me know cause game one is Friday night. I will post the leaders board in here every monday for every one to see who has bragging rights. I think it would be nice to decide on some sort of prize too. not sure what but we will have to come up with something.

Oh the page!! Well this is Carole Jansons lovely daughter. It's all done in K & Co papers. I had been doing crappy pages, then this arrived and not haveing a little girl of my own and wanting to do a pritty page I nabed some photo's from Carole and sat down, took my time and this was the end product after abot 4 hrs. I had so much fun and relaxed so much....

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Megan said...

Lauren this is a super page for Carole! I am sure she will just love it!!

Megan xx