Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is there anything cuter then puppies? YES Beagle puppies!! We are proud puppy grand parents!! Below are the 3 weeks old puppies. There Jett's he had to 'service' a lady a few months back. Fingers crossed that this June when Miss Dayz comes on heat again we may have our very own litter.

The chipboard highschool has ended over at Scrapping Outback a huge thank you to julie Sandra rachelle & Carole the classes were great and I will miss the challenge on sundays putting together a chipboard layout.

Cheers, Lauren x

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I've not posted for two weeks as we shoot down to Noosa for the Noosa Food & Wine festival for the May Day long weekend. If you ever get the chance go it was great. We stayed on Hasting Street and did a little shopping, went to Australia Zoo the markets, and sat and drank coffee in the afternoons. It was so relaxing.

A bit like this weekend, Saturday I spent doing a little shopping, Josh's parents gave us some Robins Kitchen's gift vouchers, we picked up a few things for the kitchen they really know us to the 't' they were the perfect gift for us. I then spent Saturday night with Miss Carole scrapping, a few wines and Twilight. lol!! (I know we're both addicted!!) Then today we took my mum for brunch for mother’s day, did the weekend trip to Bunning’s, Josh had a nap (because Bunning took it out of him lol!!) Then we spent the afternoon in the kitchen together cooking up a storm. Josh made Mexican lasagna that was amazing!! The new toys from Robin’s kitchen were put to good use, we ended up creating 5 dishes for dinner & lunches this week. Yummy!!

Below is my 'custom chippy' layout for last weeks scrapping outback challenge. These are my two cute nephews. The Basic Grey papers were fun to work with I love the colours & birds.

This was this weeks 'metal look chippy' I loved this weeks class it was so much fun. I love how the chipy took it metal look. I've also added some close up pics.

Till next Sunday,

Lauren x

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another stunning weekend in happy rock. Josh and I picked up our new car on thursday a 4 door Jeep Wrangler. I haven't yet taken any pics but we did spend Saturday afternoon crusing the beach at Tannum Sands. The Anzac Day perade was great a huge turn out this year, there were some very touching speaches and I had the tears straeming down my face by the end of them. Even the big guy did not that Josh would ever admit it. lol!

I picked up my copy of the Twilight DVD on Wednesday and I've watched it twice already I wonder if it's possiable to wear out a DVD?

I was lucky enough today to spend the afternoon with Carole scrapping, I always seem to relax at Carole I think because she really is an insperation to scrap with I love sitting and scrapping or more chatting then scrapping. I did my latest layout for the chipboar highschool over at scrapping outback. Apart from that just some ATC's and dotee dolls. I made a very speial birthday doll for carole but I'll let her show you it.

This is this weeks entry, 'make your own bling'
I don't think I shared week three with you 'doodle titles' here it is, I'm not that found of it, I've already taken the title off and changed it. Funny how after looking at a layour for a week makes you either love it or hate it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Sunday Afternoon to every one. In Gladstone this weekend the weather was amazing the sun was out the wind was blowing just perfect for a couple in love to have the whole weekend to us. I started with a pedicure that Josh's parents gave me, then a cup of tea with Miss Carole, followed by lunch with Josh and a little shopping, dinner with my parents what a perfect day?!? Then Sunday Josh got the 'bunnings bug' you know the one that makes men think they need to buy & create?? Well Josh had it bag and after having a garage make over, so that the new car has a nice clean home to come home to when we pick it up this week he decided that we needed a hut out in our side garden. I must admit that he did an amazing job and it was lovely to sit under it with a cheese platter and wine this afternoon.

On the scrapping front I've been loving the chipboard high school over at Scrapping Outback Week one's challenge was great here are my two layouts.

Then week two was cool, I love pirates and love this photo of Josh so it was fun to do this layout.
I'm waiting for week three to dry now before I have to upload it. I'll have to find some great lighting to photograph it this late at night though. (Why do I leave things to the last minute?)
Until then, Lauren x

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Well I do still rome this lovely planet of ours, been super busy. I've been scrapping up a storm over at the Chipboard High School at Scrapping Outback, lots of new Techniques. Below are some of the photo's from our Engagement party, it was such an amazing night Josh & I were thrilled to have so many people that mean so much to us around us.

Have a safe & happy easter,
Lauren x

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I said I'd do a photo share so there are heaps below!!

As you can imagine I have hundreds of photo’s I took 147 just on new years eve so there are quite a few from the cruise I’ve picked up some of my favorite to share with you.

New Caledonia Isle of Pines, is such a striking island and I’d think it is one of the most picturesque areas of the South Pacific and has left a lasting impression on us. We spent the day walking along its 1.25km white sand beaches, swimming and relaxing it was nice to be off the boat after two days on board.

Noumea is heavily influenced by the French, Noumea’s tropical boulevards and European chic are unmistakable. Old-world values and continental culture combine with colonial architecture and vibrant markets. We hired a scotter car and spent the day driving around town checking out all the sights.

Then after dinner we boarded a little train and went on a put crawl although I’m not a huge fan of beer I did have a few and we ordered these amazing French deserts yum.

Loyalty Islands Ouvea is known as ‘the closest island to paradise’, Ouvea is one of the Pacific’s most exquisite coral atolls and boasts what is hailed as New Caledonia’s finest beach – a stunning 25km stretch of talcum-powder-like white sand fronting a turquoise lagoon. The water here was amazing mum and dad cam over with us and spent the day swimming and relaxing. The said here is like nothing I’ve scene anywhere. This beach I think tops Whitehaven in the Whitsundays.

Christmas eve onboard the ship they had a big christmas party and had some caroles too, all I can say is Josh and I were very merry and I think it was well after 4am when we left the night club.

Vanuatu Mystery Island, this tiny Mystery Island is picture perfect, with sandy pathways that lead to white beaches edged with coconut trees and crystal clear lagoons.

We had a lovely Christmas dinner and to top it all of Josh asked me to marry him, down on one knee and it was a very special moment both of us will treasure for ever. I only got my engagement ring back on Friday as it had to be re sized. Below is the pics from our christmas dinner with my parents.

This was our Christmas day little did I know what Josh had been planning for the night ahead. Below is the 'happy snap' minutes afer Josh proposed it was about 11pm in the evening.

Vila is where we spent boxing day and our last post before we sailed off into the sunset home. From the moment we stepped ashore we adored the friendly ni-Vanuatu people with their welcoming smiles and hospitable nature. Vila has a natural Harbour with a colorful blend of Melanesian, English, French and Asian influences. We spent the morning at Cascade waterfalls and the afternoon shopping for traditional souvenirs at the handicraft markets.

After leaving Villa the ship had a 'sail away party' The theme was of course everyting tropical!!

These pics were taken on our last nigh on board, I really miss watching the sun set over the water we miss that living on the east coast.

New Years Eve was so much fun Josh and I along with our good friend Shonel headed out in Gladstone and caught up with so many friends that had come home to see there familys for Christmas here are just two of the 147 that we took on the night.

In other exciting news, Josh and I think (fingers crossed) that miss Dazy is pregnate and will be delivering us a litter of healthy puppies in another 8.5 weeks. Here are some pics of our 'children' who were not impressed with being left at the dog spa at Christmas time and ignored us when we got them home. They have come round now but you could easly tell how un impressed they were with Josh and I. This is a picture of them taken a few hours after we picked them up.

On the craft front I've been scrapping a bit and sewing a bit, I'll take some pics this week some time and share next weekend. Australia Day!!! I love Australia day, I've got my T shirt already for the weekend ahead, and Josh has a few things arriving this week from ebay so we should look the part.
Lauren x

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ok this is only a quick catch up in point form I will be back this weekend to post some pics.

  • 20th December we left for our Christmas cruise it was Amazing, it was Josh & I second cruise and was made extra special by Josh why??
  • He proposed on Christmas day! He got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. I said yes of course.
  • We got home and had a great new years eve with my mate Shonel who has moved to Gladstone.
  • We went out on the town had way too much to drink, and spent most of the 1st January on the lounge in the air con sleeping off our head ache.
  • Josh and I enjoyed the last few days before we had to return to work on Monday doing house jobs and relaxing.
  • I put my engagement ring into be resized on Monday and it's going to take 2-3 weeks?!?! What the I'd only had it for 10 days.
  • In my time off I discovered dotee dolls. If you're not sure what they are check
  • Back to work it's mad mad mad, trying to catch up is like running around in a circle.
  • My birthday is this Saturday and I can't say I'm looking forward to it but I love birthdays just no9t the numbers associated with them. lol!!
  • As I said I'll be back on the weekend to share some pics of our holiday the moment after josh proposed and my cute little dotee dolls.

Lauren x