Thursday, April 09, 2009

Well I do still rome this lovely planet of ours, been super busy. I've been scrapping up a storm over at the Chipboard High School at Scrapping Outback, lots of new Techniques. Below are some of the photo's from our Engagement party, it was such an amazing night Josh & I were thrilled to have so many people that mean so much to us around us.

Have a safe & happy easter,
Lauren x


Ronnie said...

you look amazing Lauren!! Congratulations!!!

Ann Lederhose said...

Hello Sweets, congrats on the engagement. So happy for you guys.

Jenny said...

Hey little chickadee, You look wonderful and it looked like a great night. I nearly made it up to Gladstone for Easter but the tummy did'nt like the idea of a 6 hr drive. take care miss not chatting to you and Carole

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Wow - you looked so gorgeous Lauren! Looks like you had a great time with your family and friends. xxx

Chris Millar said...

Hi Lauren, I've been popping in here from time to time waiting for an update and here it is!!! You look so amazing at your engagement party! Wonderful to see Carole and Mike too!!!