Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday 2nd March

WoW how the year is going, it'll be christmas before we all know it. I've been scrapping mad! I've done about 10 pages in the last week. Probably cause Josh is working nights and it gives me the chance to sit and do some pages to keep me from missing him......

I made a deal with myself though, to scrap one old photo then one new photo. That way my old ones don't get older and my new ones don't get old while I scrap the old ones. Silly I know but it's the only way I'll ever catch up!!

I received some new paper in the mail on Tuesday and had to use it their and then, so upstairs I went and had a creative bight, finally going to bed at 1am.... I'll up load the images after this post. The pafe I did is a photo from New Years Ever of myself and a dear friend Sarah. The Card if for my friend Shonel's birthday (from the 28th Feb) I have to post it so she wont mind it being a little late. And the door hanger was an idear that Josh inspired me to do. It is for my little sister Lana. (she's 19 soon)

Any way I'll post them now as I was having trouble doing them in this post. did I say it's been raining here for 3 days now. Grrrr I hate the rain, I can run, I can't train I have to stay inside. Well at least scrapping is an inside activity! lol

Lauren xoxox

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Lauren said...

Cant wait to see all new items you have created with all the pink. Yeepeee my lawn really needed this rain.