Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday moring...... (I hate them)

Well the tital has nothing to do with this post, I just hate Monday mornings I have to start an hour earlier, on Monday of all days!!

Gladstone is the place to be at Easter in Central Queensland. The town comes alight with a week long festival including all the rides of the carnival, the crowning of the festival Queens where one is given a brand new car! A week of stage entertainment for the adults and endless show bags & rides for every one. Although the rain threatened there was no rain allowed as the colourful harbour festival street parade wound its way through Gladstone streets. The parade was the official opening for the Harbour Festival and Josh & I wandered down on Sunday afternoon for a look & it was excellent. We then went down to the harbour in the evening to have a look around at all the rides & stores set up. The entertainment was great too. Josh & I even indulged in these little pan cake thingy’s their Dutch and delicious!!!!

We had a very quiet weekend I scraped for a good part of it & josh started a painting on Saturday night. His hasn’t done something like that for ages but we went to Rocky for the day on Saturday & I wanted to look in the craft section of every store we went into (as every addicted scrapper does) and he thought he’d paint something. He finished it on Sunday it looks really good, when it dries I’ll take a photo & post it in here. Our night finished when we both fell asleep on the lounge! Lol it was really funny cause I think we both were just so exhausted from the week and the later Friday night. I had a friend come & scrap with me till 1:30am. I only got two pages done. I did them from the remaining Lime Tart kit from March. WoW you can really get some projects done from these kits I did 4 pages a not book & still have enough paper left to do more great value!

I'll post some new pages tomorrow afternoon, but if you want to have a look at any of my pages just click the link on the right to my gallery.

C ya,

Lauren x

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Anonymous said...

How are you going Lauren ! who was the friend scrapping with you, and I know it wasn't me LOL !!

I am pleased you had such a good weekend. I hope you are missing me.

Great photo, I didn't even recognise that it was Gladstone.