Thursday, June 22, 2006

Footy update....

Okie dokie, about 4 months ago the lovely Julie Love (you have to check out her amazing doodles on her latest page! It's amazing) and I started a footy tipping comp. Well 15 weeks into the season and it's rather close at the top of the ladder.

1. Vicki Smith 69
2. Kerry Swain 66
3. Carole-lea Morgan 65
4. Libby Morris 62
5. Lauren Rhodes 62
6. Tracey Wyldman 60
7. Linda 59
8. Rozzie 59
9. Donna W 58
10. Chris Millar 56
11. Karen Ridgeway 54
12. Carole Janson 54
13. Julie Love 53
14. Regina 48

I'm not sure if we had come up with any prize or not, we have 11 weeks to think of something.

Nothing new to update, we are moving on to Saint Marys Island tonight. That's the picture. It's the island, well it's linked to Chatham by a bridge! lol! It's a 20min drive to the Isle of Grain where josh works and only 10min drive to where I'm working at Gillingham. Oh I do have some news, on the very good advise from one of my dearest friends, I've asked the place that i've been temping for if that'd like to put me on once my temp position runds out. And they have said YES!!! so no more temping! The exciting part is, what I get from the temp agency for 5 days work, he's going to pay me for 3!! so I'll only be working Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!!

This means I'll have a 4 day weekend every weekend! Josh is so excited, his going to book our tickets to Paris on the Eurostar this weekend! So in 3 weeks I'll have my first Europen trip!!! Josh had a 3 day weekend every month, thats the weekend we plan to travel on to all the places close by. The trip on the Eurostar, (Very fast train) takes about 2hrs from Ashford Internations to Paris. So i'll have plenty of photo's to share from their.

This weekend though we are going to Upnore, their is Upnore castle & a beach their so we'll go for a swim. It's been really hot here the last few weekends. Sunday lunch is the done thing here so we have made a reservation at a local pub for lunch. Reservations are must as they book up on Sundays quite quickly.

I hope every one is missing me as I miss every one so much.

Oh, I've already joined a UK scrapbooking web place (not sure what they are called, it's just like SAM & Scrapboxx) I'm doing 2 photo swaps & every one is so friendly. I'm meeting up with two ladies next week for a crop. So I can't wait to start getting my Lime Tart kits over here. To be honest after booking our flights to come here the very next thing I just had to organise was how to get Phillipha's kits to me! ROFL!! I know I'm a desperate scrapper!

These are some cards I made before I left. It's from the 6x6 kit Phillipa sent me. I decided to make some cards (12 in total) and post them the day I flew out, so people got them after I left. They were thank you, and telling people how special they are to me.

To be honest you relise who your friends are when ou move to the other side of the world. It's amazing how some people are just to busy to return an email. So those that stop by & email. It really means so much to me, as apart from Josh, Andrea & Josh's sisters family the other 61 million people that live here are yet to have the Lauren touch! ROFL what a sop I am.

Well buy for now..........

Lauren x


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are having a ball, going swimming it must be hot. You are going to love Paris. I hope you enjoy your scrapping day.

I have already sent you an email on Wednesday, so you should have it I hope unless there is a problem with Yahoo, but it didn't come back so I am hoping you received it.

Best Wishes

keslyn said...

Hi Lauren,
I am loving the footy tipping, we must work out a prize. Hope your move went well, great news about your job, and yes you will love Paris, we were there in October last year.
Have fun

Julie LOVE said...

hehehehhe YES it is close at the TOP of that footy ladder but I need to hang my head it TOTAL shame Lauren LOL!!! LOOK AT ME - second from the bottom LOLLOL!!!

I will let you know how the next state of origin game goes ok

Take care and have a super week


Pam said...

Hi Laren,
I'll look after you while you're here- just PM me on UKS!

Chris Millar said...

I can't seem to budge off the 10th position! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time Lauren and fantastic that you're going to meet up with some scrappers!

Philippa said...

Great cards Lauren!! Sounds like you are a bit happier now :)

Anonymous said...

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