Saturday, September 30, 2006


Ok I’m in the bad blogger bunch now! Well things are just way to busy the past three weeks. My world was turned upside down cause me, lazy bum 20 hours per week had to work full time! Yep that’s right my holiday in the UK doing sweet nothing but working 4 hours a day was rudely interrupted as a lady I work with went and got married and had…… to have a honeymoon. Well nah it wasn’t as bad as this little drama queen is making out!

Well I hope every one is well and I am extremely saddened that my best mate Carole Janson has put a holt on blogging. I like every one who visits her blog are extremely inspired by her creations so I wait in anticipation like many people waiting for her to share her creativity with us.

The lovely and very talented Pam has tagged me and I really like this one so have a read.

The rules are: List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.

1. When listening to music I have to have the volume on an even number or a number with 5 in it. Eg, 10, 12, 15 NOT 13, or 17!
2. I always sleep on the left side of the bed, weather I’m in it alone or Josh is their always the left.
3. I ‘ve ate the same thing for breakfast for the past 4 weeks every day, yeah cream cheese on toast x 2. I love it. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved cream cheese.

4. I’ve only ever had clear nail polish on my finger nails.
5. I’ve never dyed my own hair, always gone to a hairdresser, and probably never will I love the few hours sitting being pampered.

Well there you go some weird facts about me. I’d like to tag, Megan Stephenson, Linda Tompkins, Paula Sealey, Julie Love & Carole Janson.

We are off to Paris in two weeks and are going to Paris Disneyland for the day. But we’re not catching the train, it was half the price to fly so the euro star and the tunnel will have to wait till another day. I’m sure if we got organized we could get cheap train tickets rather then booking at the last minute.

We have a a dear friend from OZ staying with us at the moment and we are off on a girls day out this Sunday. Jade (The Aussie) Jackie (A south African friend that lives on the island and her partner works with Josh) and I are jumping in the car on Sunday morning and just driving into the day, we’ve got a map so we know how to get home but who knows where we will end up. The boys will be at work so the girls can play. ROFL. So I’ll probably post again in acouple of days to let you know where we went. Who knows France is only 2hrs in the car away!

No pages as blogger is being crapo and won't upload!!

Good night all,

Hugs, Lauren x


Megan said...

Hi Lauren!

You've tagged me! Oh I had better put my thinking cap on then lol.....

I'm sorry that Carole isn't blogging anymore either...what a loss for us! We'll have to talk her into it somehow!

Enjoy Disneyland - fingers crossed that Blogger will let you share some photos of that trip with us :-)

Megan xx

Beth said...

How exciting! Have a blast at Disneyland!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there missy, I am back, just going to blog when I can, and just enjoy it, missed my blogging mates to much, I am so pleased you are going to Disney land, Have fun !!

Can't wait to see you not long now.

Best Wishes

Paula said...

Hi Lauren. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I shall be making regular trips to yours. I love your work & thnk the Anne Frank paragraph very moving. Love is truly amazing...

Linda said...

Hi Lauren!! Oh, ive been tagged. Will get to it when i can :)

2hours from, how amazing!! Have a great time, I am totally jealous!!!

Would love to see some pics ;)