Monday, April 23, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Carole! I think it's her 21st or 22nd?? I let her confirm that! lol I hope that you have an amazing day!!!

Ok... ok... time to tell you all where my next holiday is............... HOME!!!! Yep we will be having a holiday in China and then we will be back in Australia!!!!! I am so excited........ And I will be going to the Scrapbook City Retreat with my best mate Carole!!! Whooooo hoooooo!!!! I can't wait...... So please let me know if you are going or live in Bris Vagus as I will be down there for a few extra days should any one want to meet up with me for a tea, or a wine.......

(Alison Winchester can you please email me your addy so I can send you a RAK)

Josh and I didn't get up to too much this weekend he worked on Saturday and I attended a scrap with Scrapbook Sisters It was a blast so much so my watched stopped and I thought it was 3:30 and it was 4:30 and I was the last one to leave! Opps......

Sunday I got a phone call at 3am to drive an hour round trip to pick up Josh and two of his mates as they couldn't get a taxi home from having a boys night! Ummmm No impressed but at least they made it home safe. (Honestly men have no idea how to organise them selfs... WHY is that???...) So after going back to sleep for a few hours we went shopping to spoil Lauren as a thank you!!! I know I really have the most amazing boyfriend he is forever spoiling me rotton. So we went to Bluewater and did a bit of shopping, and had some lunch.

The weather has been so amazing this weekend we again went down to the Strand and had a bit of a sun bake. Again.... Josh slept while I caught up on some Aussie Scrapboking mags!! Oh Australia just ozzes with talent. These three pages are a few more of the 8.5 x 11's I have been doind as part of Elise Flannigan's 52 Challenges.

Enough from me an Carole I'll call you on Monday Night (Your time) To have a big catch up!!



Tammy James said...

Hi Lauren, unfortunately Bris is a bit far for me to be able to see you when you are back in Australia :( But lucky you getting to spend quality scrap time with Carole! I am reading so may reports from people just totsly floored by her and her work at the Craft show :)
Your pages are all lovely iI especially like 'Family' and how you have used the Deja Views PP.

Chris Millar said...

Thanks for the heads up on Carole's b'day!! I'll give her a call, but I'm not sure if she's home yet.
Love these layouts Lauren!!
Looking forward to meeting you when you're back!

Nicole said...

Hey Lauren, we should catch up, if and when you come back to Gladdy. To bad we weren't doing this at School hey. Loving your work. Probably won't remember me by this name at least, I'm married with two babies now. Reece Hannants sister. Hope your having a good one. Stop by my blog and say hi one day.

Megan said...

Hey Lauren,

It is so exciting that you will be home soon! I can't believe that almost a whole year has passed since you has just flown.

Your layouts are beautiful!

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Hey Lauren,

YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED, check out my blog for all the details.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Lauren, I am so tired, sorry I haven't been on earlier, but just been catching up on some ZZZZZ LOL !!!

Can't wait to see you just counting the days down, and I love your layouts, I really love the helicopter one, what a fantastic photo.

Have fun Lauren in England, not much longer to go.

Big hugs and thankyou so much !!

I am just going to have a break from blogging at the moment, and just have time with the kids.

Carole xx

Mardi said...

Lauren...what a lovely birthday wish for are a sweetie.
I can imagine you are very excited about a holiday back in Aus... although the trip to China sounds absolutley wonderful to me..

Paula said...

Great stuff Lauren. I haven't tried American A4 yet!
I bet you are so excited about China & home!

Beth said...

Nicole beat me to it - I tagged you too! Have a great holiday in China and in Australia! :)

Pam said...

Oh, a year is up? wow. When are you going home? I will be is Brissie in July, and am looking for some classes- would love to do some classes with some of the fantastic talent over there. If you know of anything going, could you let me know. And China- Iwas there in 1985- it was fascinating, but would have changed an awful lot by now.