Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been so sick for the past two weeks I've struggled to live let along blog. I never get sick, and this chest infection has knocked me about a bit. So I've done little scrapping. I will share something soon I promise.

Has any one else out there jumped onto My Space. I love it, I've been able to get in contact with all my old school friends. This is my My Space page should you want to come join me. It's such a safe way to keep in contact with out giving out your email address. Josh has a page too, and the other day I thought I'd go have a look and this is what I found on it. It's a pile of photos of us since leaving Australia.

I thought that I might share some of the highs and lows for me over the past 12 months, as thats how long it's been since boarding our first of 20 flights in the past year.

- We have visited 12 countries. Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland & Soon to be China in 2 weeks.
- I've cried endless tears, the first month here was the most emotional and hardest time of my life to date.
- I've laughed, learnt and fell in love all over again with Josh. This man has amazed me.
- Seeing the world has changed my opinion on so many of my morals and assumptions about other cultures.
- I now want to travel more then ever. I'd love to go to Egypt, Tibet and Denmark
- I am counting down the days until we go to China, it will be so different to anything I've ever scene before and I can't wait! (Plus I really want to buy a Nintendo DS)
- England is not some where I ever thought I'd live but you really have to take every day as it comes because it's so different to home. I love that the English people are sun worshipers, and enjoy it to the max for the few days a year it comes out. Other then that it's always gray and gloomy.
- The people I though I'd miss most I really do, but it's the small things that I took for granted from my family and friends I miss most. Like dinner with my parents, Carole Janson’s Roast dinner, making telephone calls to loved ones when you want, not having to count the 9hr time difference which has made it hard to keep in touch some times.
- Having a pre paid phone, this drives a talk-a-holic like me nuts!! I am forever running out of credit.

Well I think that’s about enough for one dose from me, I’ve never regretted coming to England but I look forward to the day I’m on home soil, like looking forward to a birthday, There really is no place like home.

Now who will be at the scrapbook city retreat?????



Megan said...

What an amazing time you have had these past 12 months Lauren....and I bet there are things from this trip that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. What a fantastic journey.....

Megan xx

Chris Millar said...

Hope you're feeling 100% soon Lauren! You've certainly had a journey! Looking forward to seeing you in July!!!

Nicole said...

Hope all is well with you now. Bet your counting down the days til your home. Have a great flight and get in contact when your back and settled. xx