Friday, September 14, 2007

10 weeks since a post I'm a very bad blogger!! But a very happy person. So much has been going on and I can say that I'm just about back on top of everything. So what have I been up to????????

Scraped a lot as of late, Carole & I went down to the Scrapbook City retreat and had a ball, I've been renovating the house and I can say that the inside is done, looking fab and the outside is 30% there. (A work i progress)

We have a new little puppy, Jett his a Beagle and we just love him!!!

A page to share too, I got out in the lovely sun today to photograph all my pages that I've done this past 2 months, here is one of Josh and I 'Dream' How cute are thouse alphabets!!

I was going to upload a couple more but good old blogger isn't playing the game today!!!




Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Love your LO Lauren - the work you have been posting at Scrapbook City has been outstanding as well!

Hope you are well - glad you have updated your blog.

Trudi said...

Love your LO Lauren and yes those alphas are very cute!! Love your dog's name..same as our black labs name LOL!! Great minds think alike

Sue's Blog said...

Love this layout Lauren, looks great. Glad you've updated your blog.

Anonymous said...

About time you started to blog, yay!! good to see you getting back into the swing of things.

You have a little surprise in store for us, we will have to wait and see, oh maybe I should not have said anything he he !!!

Luv ya lots

Carole xx

BTW your layout is gorgeous, and you know I love your darling pup....

Jen said...

Well about time to miss. Glad to see you are on top of things. He sure is cute and the puppy's not bad either heheheh no I really meant the puppy he is adorable.Are they are high energy dog?

Beth said...

Awww Jett is just so cute! Gorgeous layout! Glad to see you back blogging! :)

Paula said...

Gorgeous puppy & I love your layout.
So pleased to hear you are very happy.

Nicole said...

Jett is adorable, and how utterly gorgeous is your page, and those letters yummo,

Glad you've updated


see you on the 20th

Katie said...

Your puppy is just sooo cute Lauren! I love beagles!

Brendy said...

Welcome back to the land of blogging... Love the puppy he is so cute.
Love the layouts you have been creating too, cant wait to see more.
Take Care