Saturday, January 12, 2008

I thought it was about time that I updated, Christmas was lovely very family focused. We spent New Years in Gladstone for my first time ever, and had an amazing night with good friends of ours, Mark and Carrie, way too much to drink, sore feet from dancing and a very long sleep in the next day.

So it was my 24th Birthday on Thursday, I was spoilt rotten!! I received a huge bird cage from my parents, Josh gave me a Granite Mortar & Pestle, a juicer and a set of golf clubs. I received a beautiful wicker tray & arrangement from Josh’s parents, a lovely set of vases from Josh sister and her family. On Friday Josh and I went to get some birds, it took us 2 hours to choose two birds, we ended up with these two little ones, London is the Dark one and Rome is the light colored one. Jett is very interested in the birds, the cage is on a trolley so it is up pretty high, his very gentle but likes to peek in and see what they are up too.

I guess you can say we’ve got a tribe of animals at our house, and it’s growing all the time. Josh and I would like to get two more birds for the cage as it’s so big. So at todays count we have,

1 x Beagle puppy Jett 9 months old
1 x Black Angle Fish, Blackie who is now 3
2 x love birds Rome & London

and a new puppy on the way very soon…….. We have decided to get another beagle, a little girl. I can’t wait they are such a great bread of Dog, little, but big, and they have the coolest attitudes.

Josh took me out for lunch for my birthday, and we had dinner with both sets of parents at my favorite restaurant Scotties. This is my dad and I.

Then today I get my second birthday. I didn’t know about it, but Josh said that I get two birthdays this year, as last year he was sick with the chicken pox and was too ill to move and wanted to make it up too me. So today we are off too a local winery for lunch, followed by a round of golf (with my new clubs!!) then he is taking me to the swankiest restraint in town for dinner. (I have nothing to wear though)

I finally took down our 3 Christmas trees yesterday, I love Christmas it was a little sad to take them down.

Happy New Years!!


Ronnie said...

Happy Birthday Lauren. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!!!

Belinda said...

Happy Birthday for last week chicky!! Sounds like you've had an awesome celebration. Love your Peach Faces, I've had those birdies in the past (a yellow one and a green one). Can't wait to see pics of your new puppie!! Cheers, B xx

Katie said...

A big Happy Birthday to you!!! Sounds like you were treated to a fantastic day (or two...). BTW you look absolutely gorgeous in that piccie with your dad!

Petrina McDonald said...

Happy Birthday for last Thursday :-)

Those birds look so adorable!

Megan said...

Hey Lauren!

Happy birthday for last week! I am pleased to hear you had a great time, and that you were lucky enough to have TWO birthdays! Did I tell you it was my 24th birthday recently too lol? I wish!

Megan xx

AnnetteL said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lauren! London and Rome look so sweet! Glad you had a great time for your birthday!
Take Care

Jen said...

hey chick,
great updates. jett is just the cutest puppy. Hope your birthday was fun and you got all you wished for

Brendy said...

Happy Happy Birthday for the other day... glad you have been spoilt :)
And lucky you to get to celebrate twice....
Take Care

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Happy Birthday Lauren - sounds like you got totally spoiled and had a wonderful time - good for you!!

I haven't played golf for ages - DH likes going with his mates instead LOL!