Thursday, May 29, 2008

WoW!!! Has it really been that long since I was on here. I've lurked but hadn't updated. Too hard to find the time. So whats been going on for me??
Lots and Lots, Too mach to say really I've been through some really tough life moments in the past 4 weeks and am now on the mend. So to play catch up here are some pics of our new addition Dayz!! another little Beagle.
Jett and her get on great she's such a little girl compaired to Jett. Which is nice. Here are a couple of pics of the two of them she is 6 months younger then him.

This is the size difference, although she has grown heaps she's a far cry from Jetts 14kg's. We needed to get away so for the Labour Day long weekend we packed up and went camping at Stoney Creek. It was amazing. Josh and I have never been camping before but we did great and enjoyed the time away.

A dear friend of mine is off the the Navy on Sunday so last weekend we had a bit of a fancy dress part for her, the theme was H.M.A.S Holly Shit Leisa's Joined the Navy. She is going in as a medic. Here is us celerbrating. the group photo is of our netball team.

Speaking of which, this is our netball team Yaralla Dynamics Falcons, we have played to gether for a long time the core of us, with new additions coming and going each year. this girls are like my rocks in life I love them all. Tracey & Ron our coaches are amazing too I've know both for a very long time and cherish there friendships. We'd just played in the rain thats why we look so tired. lol!!

have a great weekend all.

Lauren x


Katie said...

Great to see you finally jumped on and brought us up to date! I have the same problem with my blog. Your two beagles are absolutely adorable and I bet they get up to all sorts of mischief together. Catch you soon!

Nicole said...

awww Dayz and Jett look adorable together.

Hope whatever has happened your OK, let me know if there is anything I can do, remember I'm just up the road.

Glad to see you've updated, been wondering how your pups were going and just how you were in general.


Ann Lederhose said...

Hey matey. Long time no hear. Hope you're doing ok now. Will need to catch up soon. Take care ok

Ann xx

Jen said...

Lauren have not heard from you in ages. I miss you please make contact soon,

Narelle said...

Hi Lauren

Hope that new Beagle of yours is behaving!!

We miss you at Scrap Therapy! Pop in soon and say hi!