Thursday, March 16, 2006

!!!!!! - Lime Tarts - !!!!!!

Well I got my Lime Tarts kit about a week ago now and I have been a little busy as of late but Carole & I had a bit of a scrap last night. Ok I didn't leave Caroles till 2am this morning & had to start work at 6am so I'm soooooooo tired but it was all worth it. Cause the kit that Philippa has put together for March is just amazing. She is wonderful, it makes scrapping so easy when every thing already matches!!

This is what I came up with. Yes I know I have used this photo before but I was never happy with the page that I had done but the blue just does something to this page that makes the lack of sleep so worth it!

The note book it so cute, and I have so much paper left over I've aready started another single page and have plans for a third. (I'll share them once I finish them. My scrapbooking stuff is still at Caroles too tired this morning to go get it)

I hope you like these as I love them. Thank you so much Philippa!!! I can't wait to see the next kit. I have even arranged with Carole to send them to me in England once get their in June! (Addicted I think so!) ROFL!!!

Lauren x


NuttyScrapper said...

TOTALLY, absolutley GORGEOUS stuff Lauren!!


Julie LOVE said...

WOWEEEE drool material!!!!

Oh and don't worry about adding up my footy tips this week...I failed..failed dismally!!!!


Anonymous said...

Lauren, this is just devine, I love it, and you will be surprised I have finally used my pp and made a layout.


Moira said...

Lauren, these look excellent! Well done. :)