Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The secret is out..........

Well the secret is out……

It’s not a DT call up, (Would have been nice though) I’ll be moving to London on the 27th May this year. It’s only 10 weeks away! I’m so excited & scared at the same time. Probably two weeks ago Josh asked me if I’d like to move there with him, I said yes but it was a rather reluctant yes. The very next thing I did was drive around to Carole’s house and talk to her about it. (She is from England & holidayed their last year) Her & her husband convinced me. So the tickets are booked.

I guess the reason I’m going is that I have just sold my unit (well it settles on the 22nd of this month) and I’ll be debt free! That’ll be the first time since I was 18. (I purchased the unit at 18) So there is nothing holding me in Australia.

So every one is welcome to come and stay with me in London if you are over their. I will continue to blog as it will be the only way to keep every one up to date with how I’m doing. And it’s so fun I love being a blogger.

I’ve already contacted a freight company who is going to ship all my Scrapbooking supplies to me. (I’m only aloud 20kg’s on the plane their) So I’ll still be scrapping.

My mum & dad are excited for me, although I can still see my mum lying in front of the plane so it can’t take off. My dad’s telling me to go for it! My sister I think is glad that she now has an excuse to go on a holiday.

So I’ll be leaving Gladstone on the Saturday night, arriving in Brisbane. Then our plane leaves Brisbane at 11:45pm, we arrive 8 hours Katter in Singapore at 6am in the morning. We have three nights in Singapore (we wanted a holiday on the way over) then on the Tuesday we leave Singapore at 9:30pm fly 12 hours to Zurich in Switzerland where we change planes then fly 1.5 hours to London arriving on the 1st June at 6:30am.

So I can’t wait to be able to fill you all in on the Scrapbooking scene over in the UK. I’ll still be able to do the footy tipping comp so there is no problems their. Speaking of the footy tipping comp, Congrats to Tracey who picked 6 out of 6! Well done.

Well I can’t wait to here your reactions, as this is not like me at all I’m probably the most structured & organised person most of my friends know & I never takes risks let a lone moving across the globe.

Well it’s only for 12 months, so It’ll fly by and I’ll be home before any one notices I’m gone………

Lauren x


Linda said...

Wow Lauren!! London! How amazing... I have never been there...How exciting & what a great oppurtunity.

Anonymous said...

I'll notice your gone, and even though I think it is just amazing and the best opportunity for you and Josh, I will desperately miss you,and I might just have to come for a holiday, so I don't miss you too much. You know I luv ya.

Best Wishes
OH yes Mike, Sarah, and Chaise will miss you heaps to.

Megan said...

OH MY!!! That is such fantastic news Lauren!!! You go for it and have a fantastic time!! I can't wait to hear about all the exciting things you do over there - what a cool album you are going to have with all those wonderful places you will visit etc!!


Megan xx

TatumW said...

How exciting for you Lauren! Enjoy every minute, what an amazing experience it will be for you!

keslyn said...

Thats fantastic news Lauren, you will just love London, so much to see and do. No doubt you will have an absolute ball.

Julie LOVE said...

OMGosh Lauren that is amazing news!!! WTG girl....how exciting


mum said...

Lauren I am going to miss you every minute you are gone.I nelly have dad talked into coming over for christmas
Love you heaps

Moira said...

WOWEE! Big decision but good on you - do it while you're young I say!!! All the best for the move. :)

Tracy said...

WOW Lauren what a huge move, but you will love it there, London is full of excitement and a beautiful place (bit bias here I was born over there) you will be in Summer when you go, but it is not as hot as it is here. What a wonderful experience for you, I hope you thoroughly enjoy it.