Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tell me what does it take to get published????

I have always said I scrap for me & not for magazines, but a friend of mine convinced me to submit some pages recently. I had in the past but never accepted. And yet again this time round NOTHING!!

Tell me all those that have been published do you have to know some one? I’m over submitting but it’d still be nice to know.

I haven’t had a whine on here before so hopefully this will be my one & only!!!

On a more positive note, I’m home from my work junket & I slept like a log last night. But here I am back at work less then 122 hours since I got back from the airport!!! But at least I’m not tired today!!

I’ve joined a swap at SAM, it sounds really exciting my first one!!! We all had to select three items form a list BTP ideas and submit them to the lovely Crissy. Who organised, every one. I have my lucky recipient and will do it this weekend hopefully.

Oh after I finished moving on the weekend I had the daunting task of unpacking it!! Grrr…. Well we can all guess the first room I had sorted. My new Scrapbooking room! I thought that at least if I want to I can sit and scrap and not have to worry about unpacking it them. TRUE ADDICT I think.

Well enough from me, sorry for the whinge, but it is my first! Enjoy the rest of the week and I hope every one has big plans for the weekend.

Lauren x

Lauren Rhodes

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Rach H said...

Hi Lauren
THANKS SOOOOOOOOO much for the wee parcel in the mail. :)
and hey i LOVE what you have done with the Lime Tart rocks!!! I had a big weekend scrapping up storm using the kit too {but sorry I can't share as its for a mag}.
Also how fantastic doing the London thing. I did it + had a ball, meet some really cool ppl, travelled Europe + came home engaged!!! Wish you all the best in your travels.