Monday, March 13, 2006

Well round one of the footy tipping comp has been completed and the ladder is as follows,

Tracy 6

Libby 5
Regina 5
Carole 5
Lauren 5

Linda 4
Karen 4
Kerry 4
Carole-lea 4
Julie 4

Donna 2
Roz 2
Vicki 2

Well done to all, the number next to you name is the points scored in the round.

My weekend was so nice. Josh works nights just about all the time, so Friday night he wanted to take me to dinner. (Like I was ever going to say no lol) We went to a restraint called the Brass Bell. It was really nice, quiet and very romantic……

Then on Saturday we did all the crazy stuff that we just don’t get the chance to do during the week! Like going grocery shopping, going to the butchers, the travel agent (can’t tell you why yet but it’s really really exciting…..) I’ll be able to say in a couple of days just want to finalise everything first.

Then we took a friend of our out to a local Indian restraint on Saturday night for dinner. I love Indian food. It’s so filling and flavoursome.

Well that all for now but I’ll share my big surprise as soon as I can. Oh I almost forgot, Congratulations to Julie for her latest DT place!!! Well done.

Lauren x


Julie LOVE said...

Oh tell us your big surprise...pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

Thanks for the congrats on the Tarisota DT too missy!!! (or is that Inspector Rhodes LOL)


keslyn said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, look forward to hearing your surprise. Have a great week

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren you have been tagged.


Chris Millar said...

Hi Lauren, I blog jumped from Carole's to yours. I had to see who I was going on the cruise with (see Carole's blog!) Been having a squiz at your work, gorgeous Lauren!! I've always wanted to go to 1770, so now I think you've convinced me! Love that photo!
Wish I'd got in on the footy tipping - maybe next year!! Go the cowboys!!!