Monday, April 03, 2006

More CBX plus my weekend

I had such a long weekend. Well it was only two days but I feel exhausted from it. I took the Gladstone u/16 Rep Netball side that I coach out to Emeral for the weekend (about 4.5 hours west of Gladsotne) to play in a carnival egains other Rep teams as a preperation for the state titals carnival in 4 weeks. They won both their games and behaved so well it was nice to be with such a nice bunch of 16 year old after all the crap on the news lately. So it was a success.

More CBX pages to share this one is more prome photo's. I called it "Capture the Moment" I love this one cause our prom/formal photo's are life fashion frozen in time. we all look back at them and say "Oh that dress" so it was suitable I thought. This was actually the first page I did from the Loft range. The M is a BG monogram covered in CBX papers and the rest of the lettering is Collections. Capture has been done using Heidi Swapp alphas. These are great the come in different colours & fonts and are self adhesive. I love them.
These photo's of the embelishments look unreal. they truly show the depth of the page. I did a little book for my mu as well. I's so cute. She loves to receive
anything I make for her I love watching her look at it and turn it arounf touch all the little bits, it's so hart warming. Cause I know she will cherish it for ever. My day's the same only a few months ago I was visiting them and dad was up in his shed and was showing me drawings, notes & cards he has kept from like 20 years ago I had tears in my eyes. Tough old dad is an old softy. He still has a trike that I go for christmas whe I was 4 that my little sister used too. It hanges up from the rof of his shed.

I used some little paper flowers on this & stole a plastic flower from Carole. I wanted to just do some thing simple that would not get distroyed if she uses it all the time. It's a collections note book that I got ages ago & forgot about till I moved hose the other weekend. You have to essemble it yourself but it was worth it and fun.

I hope every one enjoys their week as mine will be pritty full on I think. But Josh is on days this week! Hip Hip Horay!!!!!

Yes I hat when he works nights it's so lonely. (Must be why I end up at caroles till 4am) lol

Lauren x


keslyn said...

sounds like you had a full on weekend, your layouts look great and I love the little book, mini books are my favourite, have a good week

Anonymous said...

Lauren I love the little book as well it is so lovely, your mum is going to love it. My favourite, favourite page Capture the Moment, it really is gorgeous.


Megan said...

Gorgeous creations Lauren! And I bet you and Carole are not stop chatter until 4 am!! You're both extremely lucky to have each other :-)

Megan xx

Regina said...

Gorgeous gorgeous work!

R xoxo