Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chatterbox mad!!!!!

Well I have the Loft range of the Chatterbox collection it’s just to beautiful. Carole & I had a bit of a scrap session last Friday since I had an RDO so I went round to Carols about 11am and was finally in the car driving home at 4am the next morning.

But wow did we get some pages pumped out. I did two beyond the page items a note book & clipboard plus “5” pages! That’s incredible for me. Then Last night I popped in for a lovely pork roast and did a canvas plus another page.

I promise I share them all in good time but just wanted to show you this one cause it’s my favourite.

This is my little sister, who isn't so little she turns 19 next month. Josh & I took some of our friends to his house at Agnes Waters at the end of summer for the weekend and Lana came too. We hit the local watering hole for a few cold ones and left several hours later. I love this photo as Lana & I are not as close as we should be yet we had such a nice weekend away and this photo captures every minute of memories for me.

With this page I wanted to make it fresh & girly not little girly. So I teamed the paper up with blue not pink. I'm also loving these BG rub ons. I've not yet ventured into doodles but this is such a cheat at it. I scrumpled up the papers and inked them with sepia then this gliterly coffee coulur Carole found in her endless draw of supplies. lol I hope that you enjoy this page as I truly love it.

This page is one of my prom photo's from 5 years ago. I hand stiched all around the outside and once again used the Chatterbox loft range. I wanted to show how different you can make these papers look. It's all from the same range but cause they are double sided it creates a whole new colour range. The tags have the names of the girls on them plus the school & year! Oh no I feel so old. The frame that the tags are sitting in is like a windo with doors, I've just opened the doors out. It's hard to show in the photo. Once agin oversized photo corners I'm just loving them at the moment.

Thanks for looking and I'll be sharing more of the pages I've done plus the canvas that I did. I'll post it soon. Just wanted to share these two first.

Sorry it's taken me so long to post in here I've been rreally busy at work. Make sure your footy tips are in. The Bronoco's are on winning streat '1' game. lol

I hope every one enjoys their day as I'm at work.........

Lauren x


Anonymous said...

Hey !! what are you saying about my endless supply of scrapping goodies, but your are so right LOL !!!

Gorgeous Girls is my favourite to Lauren, really lovely, but I also love the Prom very colourful.

Pork Roast Yummy hey. Have a love day Lauren


Megan said...

Gorgeous layouts Lauren! I bought some CBX the other day too and am busting to use it!

Megan xx

Julie Love said...


Rach H said...

wow I LOVE your Gorgeous Girls LO + it is sooooooo gorgeous!! Beautiful work + your prom LO is fantastic too!!
WOW that was a huge effort of scrapping from you + Carole....I would love to do that but need someone to scrap with!!!
hey sorry haven't got back to with that email but I hadn't forgotten just got busy.
Look forward to seeing your other peices from your HUGE session.

keslyn said...

Your LO's look great, I have those papers to use you have inspired me to work with them. I will also get back to you with the email
Have a great weekend