Tuesday, April 11, 2006

!!! Thank you Chris !!!

Oh my god what a lovely page!!! This arrived in the mail today from the very talented Chris Millar. Some of the ladies in our footy tipping comp decided to do a photo swap. Chris did this page for me of this photo of Josh & I from out holiday in Agnes Waters in January this Year.

I love love love it!!! Thank you so very much Chris you have done a magnificent job! She even included a journaling block which slides out from behind the photo so I can write on it.

Thank you so much you have truly made my day!

Speaking of footy tips, Julie Love, Carole-lea Morgan, Rozzie J & Linda all picked 6 from 6 on the weekend! WoW girls that amazing!!! This is the ladder'

Karen Ridgeway 23
Carole Janson - 22
Lauren Rhodes - 22
Libby Morris - 21
Donna W - 20
Linda - 20
Vicki Smith - 20
Tracey Wyldman - 20
Julie Love - 20
Rozzie J - 19
Regina - 19
Chris Millar - 18
Kerry Swain - 18

Very close comp girls!

I hope every one enjoys their day!!!

Lauren x


Anonymous said...

Your right very close comp. Oh by the way, who do I have to scrap their photo. Just let me know on my blog. I wasn't able to see the page Chris has done for you, but I am sure it is lovely, she does gorgeous layouts.


Julie LOVE said...

VERY VERY close comp girls!!!


Chris Millar said...

So glad you liked it Lauren! I forgot to say that I altered the photo a little bit and got rid of the tinsel that was behind Josh's head!LOL Thanks for sending me such a cool photo to work with.
I'm not doing that good on the footy comp!LOL

Linda said...

That is a gorgeous layout!!!! Lucky you!!

Hey, Just realised that you and your sisters all of 'L' names!! OMG! My 2 sisters and I all have names starting with 'L' too! Freaky!

And yep, the tipping comp is very close hey?!

Donna Wilson said...

Lauren, Can you please email me re: the photoswap... thanks

Megan said...

Lauren this is such a beautiful layout! Chris does the most amazing work, doesn't she?! It's a gorgeous photo of you and Josh too :-)

And I just read your post about your SC acceptance - YAY YAY YAY!!!! Good for you, you do wonderful pages and I am so pleased you will be in print! Let me know which issue it is!

Love Megan xx