Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"19 days to go"

19 Days to go & I’ll be boarding my flight to leave Australia!
Am I;

SCARED defiantly,
NERVOUS defiantly,
ANXIOUS defiantly,
EXCITED defiantly,
UN-PREPARED probably (no way in telling never moved from one side of the work to the other before) ROFL……..

In the last few days things are really starting to set in. I guess it hadn’t really hit me till Friday afternoon. As when I got home from work at 2pm Josh had already pulled half the house apart. (We hadn’t started packing the house up yet) I have been patiently waiting on our UK visas to be approved & returned to us from the British Embassy. So it was only 75% confirmed that we would be going even though we booked & paid for our flight weeks ago! Oh I though I’d share our iteniery with you so you know what’s happening. (Yes I’m in the excited mood)

Saturday 27th May
Depart Gladstone 5:25pm - arrive Brisbane 6:35pm
Depart Brisbane 11:45pm – arrive Singapore 5:45am Sunday 28th May

Wednesday 31st May
Depart Singapore 9:10pm – arrive Zurich Switzerland 6:15am Thursday 1st June

Thursday 1st June
Depart Zurich Switzerland 7:05am – arrive Heathrow London 7:55am

So over the course of the weekend we have managed to clean out the garage & set every thing up for our garage sale this Saturday & pack up two bedrooms & start moving it all into the back room. We are packing every thing into one of the rooms at the back of the house & just locking the door so the tenants who lease the house from us won’t have access. It’s a 5 bedroom house so they won’t miss one room.

I have began to get really emotional when I start thinking of all the people I won’t see in the next 12 month. I know it’ll go so fast but I think I really need certain people in my life & to be able to see them all the time. I know my mum will be an emotional wreck at the airport when we leave so as soon as she starts to cry I will for sure. (No make up that day! lol) My dad I’ll miss him so much his such a rock in my life, I’ll miss mums support. Of course all my friends.

My best friend Carole has kindly offered to send me the Lime Tarts kit each moth to London so I can still scrap, she even bought me the most amazing going away pressie ever. (You will all be so envious when I show it to you…. He he he) So I’ll still be scrapping & sharing every thing with you all. It’s amazing how close friendships become through Scrapbooking. I want to share my Scrapbooking story with you.

I had 6 weeks leave in January 2004 & I was so board, I was at the bakery when I noticed the LSS across the road, I wandered in & signed up for a beginners class and drag along a friend too. For the next 5 seeks I think I was their every day lol. Once I headed back to work I was finding excuses to try & get home or into the shop to see the latest & greatest. I actually never attended a group crop or scraped with other people till August 2004 when my partner realised how much I was enjoying it & paid for the retreat for me as a gift. We moved across town into our new house & were out on the front lawn one afternoon looking at the mess of a garden we wanted to tackle when the couple that lived next door & their daughter wandered over to introduce themselves. Low & behold it was the amazingly talented Carole Janson. The retreat was fast approaching & she offered to take me under her wing. I had the most amazing 2 days scrapping & meeting every one learning so many new things. Then it was a friendship founded in concrete now we talk on the phone every day & see each other at lease once a week. (It was every day till I moved house)

So I guess to make a long story short I have so many friendships all thanks to Scrapbooking. For what has become such a competitive craft we all really have created some beautiful friends many which will be for life. So as the craft grows so does our friendships.

Well I have only the one page to share with you today I called it “Adore” I used on of the Wild Asparagus Kaleidoscope kits to do this quick page. I used dimensional magic on all the harts to give them a glossy look they are all 3D but this photo doesn’t really show it off. Had fun doing the page & it only took me like 30 minutes how quick!

I hope every one has a wonderful day & I’m so sorry to spend this post rambling on & on.

Lauren x


Mel Diener said...

OMGosh Lauren, this sounds like such an awesome adventure. I'm sure it will go too fast and you''ll be back home before you know it.

You'll have such a ball though!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased you put the intenary on your blog this way I can keep track of you LOL!!

Love the layout Lauren, your layouts are getting more and more adventurous, which is really lovely, you style is really starting to shine.

And you know we luv ya !!


Donna said...

Hi Lauren & thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks also for your lovely comments. I love your work too! Had a peep at your lovely gallery.
Have a lovely OE. Sounds great!

keslyn said...

Hi Lauren,
You must be getting very excited now, do hope you find time to keep in touch with all your wonderful friends you have made, have a great time and will chat before you go

Chris Millar said...

Hi Lauren! Wow, it's getting closer now! Thanks for sharing your scrapping story with us, and it sounds like you and Carole have formed a special friendship! Love your layout - there's that photo again!LOL

Paula Sealey said...

Hi Lauren

I hope you have a fantastic time when you come here to England! If you need any help locating good scrapbook shops when you get here, just let me know.

Megan said...

Don't apologise for rambling Lauren - that's what you have a blog for!! Your layout is gorgeous, and OMG isn't not long now until you leave!!!!!

It must be really thrilling and terrifying in so many ways, but I am really excited for you. I know the 12 months will go so quicly and you will be back before you know it. Just make sure you keep your blog updated for us all, okay? We want to share this with you!

Love Megan xx