Monday, May 22, 2006

5 Days to go...... (I'm not counting) lol

Only 5 days to go………

And I’ll be off to see the world! Well Europe at least! Lol. I’ve had such a huge week. My Nan passed away on Monday so I’ve spent most of the week in Hervey Bay with my family. She was only 70 too and it came as a total shock. She had a wonderful life though. Nine kids, 35 grand children and 6 great grand children! And she always sent every one a card for their birthdays and knew every one’s birthday I think that that’s amazing!

Well to cheer me up Carole & I again had a mammoth scrapping session over the weekend and got heaps done! It’s amazing how therapeutic I find Scrapbooking! I think Josh now understands it’s a package deal, with Lauren comes Scrapbooking!!!

I haven’t done the blog rounds in a couple of days so I’ll be trying to catch up over the next couple of days as I’ll be without internet from the 25th May till about the 2nd June. As my internet runs on the CDMA network and it’ll cost a small fortune to use it over seas so I’ll have to wait till I get to London to sort out a new internet provider.

Okie dokie, these are the pages I did over the weekend. May have been inspired by most of you ladies.

BEAUTIFUL: I used Urban Lily papers and hand cut out the white swirl that was on the black! (What an effort that was it took me ages!) I glittered all of it and then added some flowers. The faint flowers you can see have been created by with a pin! (Yes I had a sore finder after doing that! Lol)

CHERISH: I love this page Carole gave me these Heidi Swapp letters and I love them so much, a little hand stitching add some flowers and presto! A page. (between you and me I think I’m addicted to hand stitching! ROFL!!!)

DIVA: After Chris Millar did a page for me I just loved her idea and ran with it. I love this page as it’s so simple & it wasn’t quick it took me all of Big Brother last night to cut out the flowers!

FRIENDS: More hand stitching! I love the title now that I have finished it but, boy oh boy mu fingers were sore after hand stitching it! The big ugly flower on the side was a moment of madness! They are chipboard ones I have covered and added the swirls!

LAUREN AT 22: This is paper left over from the May Lime Tarts Kit: I wanted to list what I am at 22! The photo is not so great I’m actually reading the paper. I didn’t realise Josh had take it until I plugged in the camera. ( I accidentally spelt my name wrong when doing this page and didn’t realise till Josh pointed it out to me! Oh it was a huge joke at the time Josh thought it was just hilarious! I fixed it up real quick!)

Enjoy you day ladies!

Lauren x


Anonymous said...

Hey, Lauren it is me, I hope you don't mind but I have linked you to my post today, couldn't help myself, I am going to miss you heaps. Love all your layouts, they are just so gorgeous, you are such a clever chook.

Best Wishes

Chris Millar said...

Hi Lauren! Look at all these stunning layouts! You are on a roll girl! Those UL flowers are just perfect to cut out aren't they?! They all look awesome!
5 Days! Good luck!

Donna Wilson said...

you must be so excited, only 5 days to go.... what an adventure you have ahead of you. Your lo's are amazingly gorgeous. xx

keslyn said...

Hi Lauren, this week is going to fly, you must be so excited, have a great time, look forward to reading your blog to see what you and Josh are up to. LOVE your hand stitching, it looks awesome.
Keep in touch

Lee said...

Hey Lauren! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm sure glad you did otherwise I would have missed out on seeing your STUNNING layouts over here - gorgeous to say the least!

Hope you have a truly sensational time OS - you won't know yourself on returning thats forsure, I sure didn't! It is a fantastic experience, hope you lap up every minute and have a ZILLION memories to scrap!!

Take care and have a fabulous time.
Lee :)