Monday, June 05, 2006

In England at last

I'm not doing too well here the English are so unhelpful. I'm in a really crappy mood all the time. I really don't mean to be so negative but it's so hard.

It took us 27 hours to get from Singapore to where Josh's sister is staying out at Kent.

Don't believe any one about the tube stations here in London thay are so hard to get around, if you had a pram or a wheel chair let a lone a 30kg suit case. Up down, up down up down the bloody stairs. I feel for Josh his such a gentleman he carried my suitcase up every set of stairs and in & out of every one of the 6 trains! He is truly my rock. In all the emotional upsets of the past 5 days and the tears & moods his still their and loving every minute here & with me.

We can't get work because we don't have National Insurance numbers.
We can't get National Insurance Numbers as we don't have a utility bill from a permanent address.
We can't lease a unit as we don't have a job.
Then today we had appointments with the bank to set up our bank accounts and they can't open us bank account as 1. We don't have a job and 2. Because my mail in Australia goes to a PO Box and they don't have them here in the UK so they can't accept my identification for an address. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

It's just a dead end. We come into town every day to try and get one more thing sorted and it just another head ace another person saying 'sorry we can't help you' It's just so devastating.

Josh on the other hand loves every thing. And I'm not sure but I think that that it self really ticks me off too. He should stat with CBI on Monday so he thinks its great having some time off and wandering around doing nothing.

We found a car to buy for 700 pound it a 4WD a frontier I think. But the insurance is 1700 pound a year so we have to keep looking. We are going to try and get like a berina looking thing as you can pick them up for between 750 - 1100 pounds and the insurance is only 1000 pounds a year. Then on top of that you have to pay the taxes of about 250 pounds a year and the MOT which is like a road worthy that you have to get every year and keep updated. So hope fully by the end of the week all of that should get sorted. FINGER CROSSED something might actually go our way.

Its summer and it's so cold. We are living in jeans socks and jackets. But even the poms are so the are feeling the cold as well.

I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought of coming home but I'll have to be tough and toughen up as Josh says. I guess I just have always had thing go my way and have never moved overseas before.

Well I'm at an internet cafe as we are staying out at Kent and we don't have the internet on yet. (Yes that’s a whole new drama again, you have to go on a plan their is no 'pay as you go' to go on a plan you have to have proof of your permanent address in the UK for at least 2 months)

I really must try & get my head around this situation. It's an adventre of a life time and I know that things will improve I just wish it'd happen now & not later.

I'm sorry to post such a negative post but honestly I feel like i'm on the other side of the world all buy my self at the moment.

For all that read my blog my new UK mobile number is 0783 7620 488, I think to call me from Australia you dial 4477837620488 to send an SMS it +4477837620488. I'll still check my Australian sim card from time to time but not too often. But just check as i'm not 100% sure.



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Megan said...

Oh you poor love Lauren. I bet it is hard and I am sorry you are having a tricky start to your adventure....I'm sure it will get better. At least you've got Josh there and he will look after you, and when this yuk phase passes everything will be wonderful :-)

Megan xx