Thursday, June 08, 2006


Well hi to every one.....

I've had a really crappy first week, and i'de be lieing if I said i had not thought of using my return ticket 11 month eairly!

But things are slowly on the up, every things is just so different & hard here. And to top off all things going wrong, my favourite pair of thongs broke today while walking to an internet cafe!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

I post photo's as soon as I can, we are going to see the Queen on Sunday, so I'll tell her that you all said hi. lol

Well must go..




keslyn said...

Hi Lauren,
Keep smiling, it will get better, make the most of your adventure,
look forward to reading some more

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren, I hope things are picking up now, I have received your Lime Tarts kit, so I will post it to you as soon as I have an address, enjoy tea with the Queen.

Hugs X

Megan said...

Say hi to Her Majesty for me Lauren!

Megan xx

Donna Wilson said...

private audience is it??? Chin up, it's a big change, but think of the adventures in store for you. xx