Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Photo update

This is Josh & I in Singapore at Raffles Hotel. We only had the one Singapore sling as it was 20.00 bucks!!! (sorry no dollar sign on the keyboards over her only pound signs!)

It's so slow this internet.

The secon photo is Josh & I again. (beware you be seeing lots of us in the next 12 month, NO FRIENDS LAUREN!!) at Leeds Castle. We went for a drive on Saturday bout 15 mins away (every thing is so close) to watch the jousting tournament. It was really good. The CAstle is so well keps too. It was just such a nice day. We went and watch the Di Vinchi Code in Maidstone that night. What a ripper of a movie!

Oh, thats Andrea & I on the steps out the front of the Queens house. She is from Australia & way mvery first friend in Gladstone, I've missed her so much. She has been here since September so it was good to catch up.

Josh is up close & personal with Miss Monroo at the wax museum! It's great in their so much to see & the figer are just so real!

Tomorrow when I come in to my fav internet cafe, I'll have shrunk all tho photo's and up load them, I'm running out of time.

Hugs, Lauren x


keslyn said...

sounds like you had a good weekend

Chris Millar said...

Love the photos Lauren, thanks for sharing!!! Great that you've been able to catch up with your friend!

Carole Janson said...

Hi Lauren, good to see you are starting to settle in, I was getting a little worried, I will send an email soon, been a little busy with KFD.

Hows Andrea going ?? good I hope, love the photos, I am pleased you went to the wax museum, it's pretty good there.

Best Wishes, thinking of you always.

Julie LOVE said...

WOWWEEEEEEEEE LAUREN it sounds like you are having a super duper all the piccies...thanks for sharing them with us and I will let you know how the third state of origin goes ok....stayed tuned