Saturday, July 15, 2006

Scrapping up a storm.......

Hi to all, I've been scrapping up a storm over here. On Tuesday night I went to a store not too far from where I live for a crop night. Although it seams like day cause the sun doesn't go down till about 10pm! This is a page I did, it's my first go a doodling. What do you think? lol the photo is of my friend Rachel & I taken before I left.

Well I've got a real job! What I mean by that is i've been temping since I got here and I've applied for a few jobs and I got one. It's as an accounts assistant for a huge company. The best part is that i can walk to work through a tunnel under the Medway river and it'll take me about 15 mins. Josh is so glad. I've been driving 45 mins each way to work and back the past three weeks and it's really tired me out.

Apart from scrapping i've also been cooking lots of home make things too. I've made 'Beef in oyster sauce' I love this dish from the Thi shop in Gladstone & fried rice from scratch. (it toook me two days, as I had to cook the rice the day before) and lots of other home made dishes. Josh is loving it. I've always cooked but I've never put in so much effort before. The fruit & veg here is amazing it's so fresh & tasty.

Josh has been on 12 hr shifts the past week or so so his having tomorrow (Sunday) off so he can relax a little. We are going to go to the Kent show, it's huge!! And go have a sunday roast on the coast some where. I love the english sunday roast. (So does my hips! lol)

Not much else has really been going on, off to Brussels next weekend, so Josh & I are looking forward to that. I've got a bit of a surprise for his birthday but I can't say yet.

We are doing realy well & very happy, last night he came home from work/after work drinks at the pub, and we sat and taled for ages, the next thing we looked at the clock & it was 10pm & we had not had dinner!! I just couldnt believe how much time had passed.

I hope every has a great day!


Lauren x


donna wilson said...

maybe I should move to England too, then I might be motivated to cook some more. I'm so happy that you're happy and have settled in, and it's great that you've got a good job now. xx

Libby Morris said...

Well done Miss Lauren! Great news about the new job... you two are so brave and clever.. to go all the way over there and have settled in so well already!!! Very proud of you :-P

and I think you should quit your job and start up a cooking show LOL! The Aussie Domestic Goddess... so happy that its all going so well and I love love love your house... hope Kent show was great (you should have entered some jams or something) LOL!

take care gorgeous and have a ball in Brussels..

Libby xxx

Megan said...

Lauren I am so pleased that everything is going so well for you! Congrats on the job, and I love your new layout!!

Megan xx

Pam said...

Great new LO lauren, glad you have found a local crop, and shop. When I first came to the UK I could not find any ingredients to cook Asian food, or nice fruit and veg- things have really moved on since then.

Anonymous said...

Where are you, Oh thats right you are only JET SETTING around having fun How dare you LOL !! Have you received Lime Tarts yet. I bet Belgium was fun and you had a ball.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

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