Sunday, July 30, 2006

Update time!!

Hi all,

This is a page I did on Friday afternoon after work, this is Max Josh's nephew. He is such a little cutie. (No Caroel & Mum I'm not getting cluckie! lol)

Belgium was amazing, we had a blast!! We didn't relise that the main languages were French & Dutch so we did have some fun trying to work out where exactly to go, and ordering food from menus. But it was great! We sceen heaps and had a night out on the town, and clubbing in Belgium is very different to Australia.

This is Josh & infront of the 'Atomium' it was built for the 1958 world fair. It's a scale mocule. We walked up and in it to the very top. The weather was a bit funny that morning but cleared up to be a lovely day. We took the hop on hop off bus around and sceen it all. The shopping was amazing, shoes, shoes, shoes!!! I was brave and didn't buy any but I can't say the same for just who managed to fill our suitcase with purchases.

This is a page I did of me! Josh took the photo at Agnes Waters during summer. I wanted to get back into using some ink and sepia was the only one i had with me when I got here that was what I used. I'm not too sure who the paper comes from but I liked it.

This weekend I received my very first pack of products from Scrapbook Sisters, they have asked me to be on their Design Team, my very first!! So this week I've got heaps to do for them, I'll be sooooo busy. Lucky I only work 4 hrs a day!

The last page I'll share is of my goods friends, Mark & Carrie. I miss Carrie so much here. They have been together for ages, since high school.

The photo was taken at the Easter races this year in Gladstone.

Well thats all for me for probably another week, I hope that you are all scrapping up a storm and enjoying the Australian cool weather as we are in a heat wave in the UK between 32 - 35 deg every day! Even Josh is feeling the heat. In saying that i'm not looking forward to Winter though. Oh I just about forgot, I'm taking Josh to Amsterdam for his birthday, we are going for 4 day flying out on the 21st August. He knows and is over the moon that that's what his getting for his birthday. I mean it's no point in buying presents, as we just have to try and get them back to Australia when we come back.

Okie dokie I am going now, I miss every one so much.

Hugs, Lauren


keslyn said...

Hi Lauren,
Thats great news about the design team, congratulations.
Sounds like you have settled in well, must be good only working 4 hours a day. Make the most of those long weekends there is sooooo.... much to see and do.
Have a great week

Megan said...

Well haven't you been busy Lauren?! These are so gorgeous, and how cool that you are travelling all over the place. Have a ball!!

Megan xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren all your layouts look wonderful. I am so pleased you had so much fun in Belgium. Sarah loved her gift, thanks heaps.

Best Wishes

Paula said...

Great layouts Lauren!

Glad you had a good time in Belgium. I had my worst holiday was freezing cold, snowed and we had a mouse in our hotel room, lol So pleased it was different for youxx

Pam said...

Congratulations on the design team Lauren- I have just won a place on Jillybeans scrapyard DT- can't wait to start. Hope you are settled. Are you getting any Aussie kits sent over?

Anonymous said...

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