Thursday, August 24, 2006

Birthday time........

Well i've just been so busy this past two weeks, i'm still trying to catch up. Where to start, well August is the month of birthdays for me, So here is my official Happy Birthdays!!!

3rd Nicole
8th Andrea
10th My dad
12th Carrie
20th My mum
24th Josh

And the postie is haveing a bit of a work out, to and from Australia. My mum's posting me all my magazines from Australia and WoW you girls are creating so amazing BTP and pages at the moment. I'm sure Josh thinks i'm a little kid looking in a toy cataloge looking through the 3 month ago magazines.

Creating, well i've been doing lots of that and I've been really challanged by the girls a Scrapbook Sisters as they have made me relise I can go out of my 'creative comfort zone'

This is a page using some Junkitz papers from their Love Line range. The photo is of Josh at Agnes Waters one weekend we were down their. I miss going to Agnes for the weekend I never relise just how much Josh & I did it till, we're not able to. I guess it's the old saying 'you don't know what you've got till you don't have it'

This is a book I created with the left over paper, I called it 'Love is....' It has a few photo's of Josh and I, in it describing to him what I think love is. The middle page has a trasparany in it. I got this fad idea from the lovely Carole Janson. (I did ask her first!) lol Carole is a huge inspiration to me I love her style it's so different, fresh, and truly inspiring.

Well tomorrow is Josh's birthday and I am looking forward to it I think just about as much as he is. I've got the evening all sorted as we will both be working tomorrow. And then we are off to Amsterdam on Saturday for his birthday. I'm trying to finish a book at the moment 'The Anne Frank Diary' As where we are staying is two streets away from the house where her and here family hid during the war.

We had a visitor last week. One of Josh's mates from Oz who live i Dubi now called up and said that he'd be here for the weekend and asked if we had a bed. Of course we did so it was great to catch up with him and show him about this little part of the world. We took him down to Brighton of Friday afternoon it was such a nice time. I'll post some photo's soon I've just be so busy to download the photo's from my camera.

Work is great, busy but great. Forever planning the next holiday and Josh and I are now booked up for the year, Josh & I have decided where we will go each month on his weekend off. I can't wait till January to see where we go for my birthday. (I love birthdays!!! mine, yours anyones!! They are so magical)

Well i've rambled on so much I will sign off by saing how green with envy I am at all you lovely ladies who went to Kewiscraps!!! (Carole we're going next year!!!) See you all their!!!!

Well hugs all, missing every one so much.

Lauren x


keslyn said...

Hi Lauren, Great to hear you are so... busy, Happy Birthday Josh, and have a terrific weekend away.
Love reading you news from England.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

You are going to be so busy with all those birthdays. Love all your designs they are just lovely, I like the style of the layout very different, and the little book is so cute, really lovely.

I am missing you heaps as well, yes we will be going to Kiwiscrap can't wait.

I haven't sent your Lime Tarts yet but there is a very good reason, I have a few things I am putting in it, but I will send I promise on Monday.

Anyway, keep enjoying yourself, and I am so pleased you are loving your DT.

Best Wishes

Pam said...

Hi Lauren- You are gonna love Amsterdam, fab place, very manegable cause it is so small and compact. make sure you go to Anne franks house very early, cause the queues get longer and longer throughout the day. Love your LOs too.

Megan said...

Oh well I'll get to meet you if you go to KS next year Lauren!! It was an awesome weekend, although too many ladies got sick afterwards (me included!).

Sounds like you're really into the swing of life in the UK - which is great to hear.

Megan xx

Frano's said...

hi lauren

just wanted to pop in and say a big "hi" to you. you probably don't remember me but i'm a member at scrapboxx and you sent me a lovely RAK once.

your work is just gorgeous and i'm glad you're really getting stuck into your scrapping. it's such a good way to make friends too hey?!!

looking forward to seeing more pics of england, europe etc as you travel through. i bet it's changed heaps since i was there back in '94!

pop by my blog if you feel like it.

love sharon