Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love is......

How cute is this couple??????

Dam cute!! I'll say!! ROFL Yep full of my self today.

Well we are back from Amsterdam and what a great 4 days! Probably the best holiday I’ve ever had. Amsterdam is just amazing. The canals, church's tram, the old buildings it's just breath taking.

We did a tour of the red light district too, and it was just as you would picture it, right in you face! But my opinion is that I’d prefer ‘working woman’ to be in an environment where they are safe and that those that want to look at that go their rather ten people driving along a street forced to see that type of thing.

Anyways on a brighter note Josh and I are happy and well.

There is a pile as high as the ironing board of washing and the ironing board is covered with washing!! Any takers??????.......

No scraping to share as I’ve been on holidays ummmmm….. I’ve got it all planned though I’m going to do some this week.

So glad that the lovely Megan is back blogging, it was lovely to see pictures of her up on her blog today and a nice surprise in my comments box.

I’ve set my self a new scrap goal, if I’m still in the UK next year I’m going to CHA. (So cheap from the UK and the pound is stronger then the US$ so I can buy more supplies for less money) Josh honey it’ll be right I’ll bring you back a T shirt or something…. ROFL

But…. If I’m at home Carole & I are off to some scap thing, we don’t know which one but we’ll be there lol!

On a negative note, (I don’t do this often but my blood is boiling) Why do people flog off other peoples idea’s as their own????? It’s a craft every person gets inspiration and ideas from every thing. I just don’t see the reason for trying to convince people that you’ve come up with the idea when you didn’t!!! Yes I’m being probably nasty I just know how much it upsets people. Just relax and have fun and remember it’s about the memories not who’s the best!!

I’m sorry for offending anyone but I just had to say something!

Oh the photo I almost forgot, (I have to get down from my high horse) This is of Josh & I. We got all dressed up, Josh got to where his custom made suit, and I took him out for a flash dinner for his birthday last thursday. We had a little mini photo session before we went as it's not too often we get dressed up. The photo's are unreal!

I did want to upload some more photo's but bloggers being bad!!!




Paula said...

Great photo Lauren! So glad you had a lovely time in Amsterdam:), and I couldn't agree with you more about the scraplifting. Let me know on my blog if you're still interested in the Havering crop and I'll send you some detailsxx

Lara said...

thanks for popping by my blog. Adore that pic & yes you are a cute couple!

Linda said...

Hi Lauren!! Yes, what a cute couple!! lol :)

Blogger is bad at the photo uploading isnt it??

Donna Wilson said...

the photo's gorgeous Lauren. Sounds like you're having an amazing time, a once in a lifetime experience. Love seeing what you've been up to, and Amsterdam sounds 'interesting' redlight district and all. LOL.

keslyn said...

Hi Lauren,
So glad you enjoyed your break away, love the photo, how it must be wonderful to be young and in love!!! Have a great week

Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds like you are really mad with someone particular.Lol. I hate it when people lift me so I could only imagine how you must have felt when someone did that to you.
so cute, the photo. you look so in love. Nice to hear you had a great time away.


Lauren said...

Hi anonymous Debs!

No one has lifted me, thats not what I said at all. i'm just talking about ideas, that was all. I think you've thought too much into my comments. Sorry for the confusion.

In future can you please log in before commenting so I can know who you are.

Thanks, Lauren

Anonymous said...

So sorry Lauren,
Think I have some "derrr" moments sometimes. LOL.
I cant login, so sorry. No blog for me. Still have not gotten around to doing it. I just surf around, and hop a little.
Have a fantastic day.


Megan said...

Lauren this photo is GORGEOUS!!! I am so glad to hear you are both so happy and everything is working out brilliantly for you both.

Don't hold your breath about my blogging either....I am so slack with it!!!

I was having probs with Blogger too, but then changed over to using Mozilla instead of IE and it uploads every time now. Just an idea :-)

Megan xx

Lauren said...

Yeah I've changes to Mozilla now too, I just got fed up with it! lol

Lauren x