Friday, October 27, 2006

Paris update

Hi all,

Well Josh took me to Paris for the weekend and I had every intention of sending an emails and updating my blog before Wednesday and as it's now Friday you can tell that the pile of washing between me and the laptop hasn't disappeared until today. I just find it hard to function when I know that theirs a mountain of things to be done. Grab a cup of tea or a vodka cause this will probably be a long one.

Friday Grrrr the alarm went off at 4:30am, taxi arrived at 5:20 and at the train station by 5:30. Got the train into Heathrow and then onto our 9:15am flight with plenty of time to spare I could have slept for another hour JOSH!!!!!! The bad news at the airport was that we couldn't sit together as they were over booked so poor Lauren had to hang out in business class while Josh was back in economy. The main difference was I got a meal and he got offered a muffin. he he he
Because of the time difference our 45min flight meant we landed in Paris just before mid day. On the Air France bus into the city took about 35mins in which we both had a little rest/nap.

Josh booked an amazing hotel and only 50m for the Arc De Triomphe. We wondered down to our hotel checked in and then set off for our first afternoon in Paris. Our first stop was the Arc De Triomphe. It's in the middle of a roundabout and the craziest roundabout you'll ever see. If you thought people who live in Gladstone don't know how to use roundabouts they look like angles compared to the French!!!

We walked under the road and emerged at the amazing stone monument. We climbed up in and up to the top and were meet with a breath taking view of the city. Although the weather was a little cool it was a clear day and we could see as far as our eyes let us.Then we got on the hop on hop off bus, it this deal where it does a huge loop and stops at all the tourist attractions and your tickets good for two days great value. We thought that we'd stay on the bus and do the city tour in full, it may have taken 2 and 1/2 hours but it was great to see everything.

So we started at the Arc De Triomphe and drove down the famous Des Champs Elysees it the street with Carter & Loui Vition, Prada, all the great car manufacturers and plenty of places to eat. From their we went past the palace, the opera, the Madeleine past heaps on different war and peace monuments i won't bore you with all there names across the river Seine past the Louvre, Notra Dame, parliament, the Eiffel tower and then basically back to the start.

After such a huge day I just wanted to sleep I was so exhausted. Josh decided Planet Hollywood was a good place for dinner no chance of snails or frogs with or with out there legs. I ordered a cocktail and it was the size of a milkshake and I still didn't finish all of it by the time we had to leave because neither of us could keep our eyes open.

But how could you be in Paris and not see the Eifel tower. It was only a short walk from the Des Champs Elysees and it was just stunning. Only a few minutes to wait and we were on the lift to the top. We went all the way to the top and looed out of Paris. The view of the city at night was just so romantic. We took a few photos and then headed back down. Once at the bottom Josh and I were in the mood for some desert what better then so French crapes. Not just any French crapes smeared in chocolate and rolled up and some cream on top pure joy! We sat on the steps of the river Seine looking back at the Eifel tower across the road. It was just a magic moment. As we sat there covered in drips of chocolate and cream the tower put on the most stunning light show it was just amazing. Honestly I felt like pinching myself, 7 months ago I had no idea that I even was going to come to England and their was no way I could have ever imagined sitting on the steps between the Seine and one of the most recognised world monuments.

Saturday morning was another early start. On the train to DISNEYLAND!!!! It only too 30 minutes and it was a great day went on heaps of rides and acted like kids all day. I will say though it really is a little kids place Movie World in Australia was I'd say a bit more fun. Maybe cause it wasn't as busy but it was still an amazing day and it was good to run around like 10 year olds it was so much fun. The park was done up all Halloween as they celebrate it here. They did an amazing job.

Once again we fell asleep on the train honestly we must be the easiest people to rob cause we just sleep all the time on public transport. Chinese for dinner as the guy in the hotel said there was a good on with in walking distance. Although every thing was with in walking distance we stayed the next street over from Des Champs Elysees.

Sunday was always going to bit a bit slower buy this stage we were starting to feel like we'd just done a 10k run. We went to the Louvre it was great scene it all and wondered the hall of this huge building for almost 3 hours. We then went for a walk along the river Seine to Notre Dame. We were so lucky while we were inside they started a service. It was just amazing. I think with out a doubt that there would have been 2000 people inside the church.

Josh wanted to get to the airport with enough time to spare to have lunch. (I am unfortunately terrible at missing flights) It was nearing 1pm so it was back to the hotel to collect our stuff, back on the Air France Bus to the airport and home.

So that was Paris I would love to go back again but doubt that we'll have time as the list of 'want to see' is getting longer and longer so it’s back at work this week so we can pay for some of the list of ‘want to see’.

We have booked our holiday for November but at this stage i can't say where we'll be. I can however let you all know that Josh & I have decided to tour Italy for our December holiday. We fly into Venice on the 26th December and back to London on the 3rd January. Ok this will make you all laugh. 5 start Josh & Lauren who never camp or do anything on the cheap are BACKPACKING!! Yep that’s right we are going to load up the back packs we are yet to buy and have 9 days to make it from Venice to Rome. We decided on doing this because there was just too much we wanted to see in Italy. I really can't wait. We have booked our first two nights accommodation and the flights were just too cheap not to buy.

Well I’m finished my tea now so that means it's time to say cheers. As always missing every one so much and can't wait to see you all.

Just thought i share this page with you all. We are so lucky to live with in a few minutes of Rochester. Their is an old castle there and the most amazing church too. This is a page i did before going to paris I just wanted to scrap something with out people. Not too sure why but this is what I come up with. What do you think?

Hugs, Lauren x


Anonymous said...

OMGod what absolutely stunning photo of the Tower just love it, I am so pleased you and Josh had such an amazing time, it is hard to describe hey, Paris is wonderful. What an amazing album you are going to be able to have Lauren, 22 and seeing the world you are such a lucky duck. Love, Love the layout, looks lovely Rochester is unreal, I have some photos to, but not as good as those, Great to see you scrapping. Can't wait for you to return home for a couple of weeks, really looking forward to it.

Hugs Carole.

Tammy James said...

Hi Lauren,
Wow I have to agree with Carole that picture of the eiffel tower is just breathtaking.
Sounds like you had a busy but amazing time and I love the dimension in the flowers on your Rochester page.
Take Care

Paula said...

Sounds utterly romantic & breath taking. Fab photo of tower & wow lovely LO. I did one of an abbey recently as I was sick of people too!!! Now I have a new castle to scrap..need the energy though. You need some rest girlie!!!!!

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Lauren
I am so glad you and Josh enjoyed yourself in Paris...That piccy of the tower is just beautiful. I am sure you will also enjoy your backpacking adventure in December as well. Love your layout looks terrific
Have a great day

Nicole Finlayson said...

Lauren, your post has given me goosebumps I am SO INSANELY jealous of you right now!!!!!!

What a wonderful little adventure and the Louvre and Eiffel Tower are two places on the "Things I MUST do one day" list.

A beautiful story and wonderful adventure.

Good for you girl, glad you're having a good time!

Nic xx

Megan said...

Oh Lauren I WAS THERE!!! You took me to Paris too with your blog post - thank you lol!!! What a wonderful time you had, and I am so pleased for you. It will be no time at all and you'll be back here in Oz with many, many amazing memories.

Can I come up to Gladstone and see your albums??!!

Megan xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren
Sorry I missed you today. Glad you had a great time in Paris the photos and layouts are great
See you tuesday


Mardi said...

Well...reading your post is probably the closest Ill ever get to Paris...I thouroughly enjoyed the looks such a beautiful place....thankyou.
....and your layout is just beautiful too...such lovely architecture over there..I love all the old stone buildings.
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

Hi Just wanted to let you know loving your slide, with all your awesome photos, I am putting an order in now for some photos. Can't wait to see you. Hugs