Friday, November 03, 2006

Thank you......

First I want to say a big thank you to every one who stopes by my little bit of the WWW. I really love it! I've being actually keeping up to date with my blog rounds usually on Sunday nights.

This is a quick page I did the other night while waiting for Josh to come home. It took me under 30 mins. Very simple. I had been playing with paper folding these flowers. The lined paper is of set to the white cardstock my photography isn't that bad. lol.

I've haven't had the chance to scrap much this week as i've been working all day since Tuesday, I know 4 hours is too good to be true some day! lol

Not much else happening in my little life at the moment. It's Bon Fire night on Saturday so Josh is stocking up on fireworks and his sister and her husband have invited us around for a yummy roast dinner. I can't wait. A few drinks lovely meal and good company what more can anyone ask for.

I want to keep this post short as the last one took me way too long to type.

Lauren x


Megan said...

Hi Lauren!

Another lovely layout from you!

And I love your little piece of the www too :-) It's always a good read!

You probably know about this but I'll mention it anyway....have you tried Bloglines to keep up with the blogs? It lets you know when someone updates so you don't have to do the rounds yourself - very handy!

Megan xx

Paula said...

Hello Lauren,I'm always glad to stop by your blog as I do my rounds & thanks to Megan in the post above. I haven't heard about bloglines but am off to check it out!!!
Love that LO, those flowers remind me of childhood windmills we used to stick in our sandcastles.Very pretty.

Chris Millar said...

Love all the photos in your slide show Lauren!! And how cool are those windmills on your layout! Have a great weekend!

Pam said...

Great that you enjoyed Paris- hope you are going to do the world wide dare, see the uk, Aussie, effer and NZ dare sites.

Linda said...

Nice layout Lauren!

I too love bloglines! ;) its a great time saver!

Donna Wilson said...

Love hearing about all your travels. All sounds very exotic.
Hmmmmm wonder what your November holiday is ??

Tammy James said...

Hi Lauren,
Gorgeous page. Cute folded flowers.
Roast dinner YUM!!
Take Care

Beth said...

Beautiful layout Lauren! Love the pinwheels! Have fun at your bonfire!

Anonymous said...

Lauren I love what you have done with the layout, love the flowers so very, very cute, you will soon be here, can't wait to see you.

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Lauren
Beautiful the colours and your little pinwheels.
Have a great day