Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More to share......

Hi all,

I don't usual post mid week but, I wanted to share this little mini binder book I finished last night. It's of our trip to amsterdam for Josh's birthday back in August.

My lovely friend Carole sent me over some chipboard bits and bobs that were perfect to go with the book as I didn't want to cover it. I had fun creating this and it now takes pride of place on the coffee table in our lounge.

Not much else going on but how fab are the world wide dares! I've looked at all the sites and the effort gone into the pages is unreal. Huge congrats to those involved. Oh I forgot, the photos a re a little weird cause I had to use a lap it now gets dark here at 4:30 in the afternoon and in all my efforts to photograph this I broke the lamp! lol I hope every one in OZ is enjoying the weather as I'm freezing in the max of 15 during the day at the moment. Josh & I even went shopping on Sunday for some long johns to keep him warm at work. ROFL poor fella!!!

After not feeling home sick for a while my dear mum sent me the most beautiful card in the mail it made me cry. I've never lived more then 10 min drive from my parents so this was a big step for me. Having the support of Josh has been great his such a arock and puts up with all the tears and the 'i want to go homes' but it will be great to catch up with my family. I miss them so much!

Bon fire night was great, am I now know why fireworks are baned in QLD cause they really are so dangerous. But we had a ball a huge roast dinner at Josh's sisters house it was so yummy!!! followed by home made deserts ummmmmm I can still tast it! We had a ball playing charades it was such a laugh! Enough from me for now.

Hugs, Lauren x


Megan said...

Hi Lauren,

Woohoo - I hope you take a photo of Jsoh in his long johns and scrap it lol! We are having lovely weather here at the moment - early 20's and some fabulous rain. I feel for you dealing with the cold Lauren - I loathe it!

Megan xx

Mardi said...

Hi Lauren....what a gorgeous little mini-album.... and I can imagine how wonderful it looks on your coffee table.
Ohhh...I feel so sad for you in that cold weather and dark at 4.30 ...its like being ripped off half a day!....
Mardi x

Chris Millar said...

Hi Miss Lovely Lauren!! Love your keepsake book of Amsterdam! I'm not surprised you're feeling homesick from time to time. It's beautiful weather here at the moment - so I'll enjoy it for you!

Paula said...

Hi Lauren, that is really beautiful. A lovely way to remind Josh of that trip.
Will the next one be Paris??

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, getting a bit chilly hey, don't worry you will be home very soon. Love, Love, Love the mini album of Amsterdam it looks lovely in the photos, I bet it looks even better on your coffee table.

I would also love to see a photo of Josh in his long John's that would be different.

I'm sorry the weather is starting to get bad, but to be quite honest I love that, because everything else, like the shop and houses and coffee shops get so warm.

I am keeping your scrapping seat warm for when you arrive.

Best Wishes Always
Carole X

Tammy James said...

Lauren the binder is gorgeous!

Pam said...

love the mini album, Lauren- lucky you going home, even if it is only for a short time. I know it is cold, but don't you just love all the autumn colours, and all the gorgeous scarves around at the moment