Monday, November 13, 2006

I dare you…………

Hi all,

Well I’ve been busy, busy, busy! After cleaning our little home away from home Sunday morning I still had the energy to scrap and scrap I did. I also really couldn’t wait to see what my lovely friend Carole came up with for the Pencil Lines site. I’ve never created a page from some one else’s sketch before only when I’ve sketched out a page for myself. So I jumped at the chance. Checking the site several times before it was posted. Then straight up stairs and scraped the page. It didn’t take too long and I love it! I think that I will do some more of the sketches it’s a good thing if you are lacking in inspiration and the page that Carole did is amazing. I've glittered this page all over and layered the flowers it's just such a shocking photo! Sorry

The other project that I wanted to do was the World Wide Dare the challenge was to create a page that followed these guidelines.

How Dare You - Fill the page, leave no space un-altered.
No 8 Wired - Childhood memories/dreams.
The Effer Dares - Title on the photo.
Everyone Is Spechal - Throw some paint in there.

This is what I came up with I have wanted to scrap this photo of Josh & I since I put it up on my blog back in August. It’s not my favourite LO but I like how it turned out.

Not all that much else on the agenda at the moment trying to keep warm is at the top of the list. No one told me it would get this cold, honestly some times I fel like i've move to the Artic not England. I'm sorry about the bad photography but it's dark in the morning before I go to work and dark at 4:30 in the afternoon so natural light is very har to come by. lol I really do like being here though!

I’m off to Scrapbook Sisters tomorrow night to do a class it a page ‘all about me’ and I though it’d be a good idea to talk about my reactions, thoughts and feelings about moving to England. Isn’t scrapbooking just the greatest way to record memories!

Enough blah, blah from me for now anyways! ROFL


Lauren x


Paula said...

Gorgeous work Lauren. I'd never guess you were friends with Carole!!!!!
Love the pic of you & Josh, very romantic.
Are you looking forward to your quick trip home???

Chris Millar said...

wow Lauren, all fabulous layouts!! You've been busy! Enjoy your trip home!

Tammy James said...

Hi Lauren,
Your dare page and pencil line sketch are both great, I'm thinking about having a go at Caroles sketch too.
Enjoy your trip home... you must be getting excited now!

Mardi said...

Hi Lauren...gorgeous work ... I dont like the sound of the short days and cold weather though...Brrrr..
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, not long now, loving all your layouts, they are stunning, you have been a busy bee, not only cleaning your house, but then scrapping.

Your Pencil Line layouts is devine, so very pretty, and I love your How Dare You layout, gorgeous.

Can't wait to see you.

Take care on that big plane,


Tracy said...

Hey Miss Lauren,
Gorgeous LO's you have done, WOW!!! Yes England is mighty cold, a good pair of long johns are a godsend, lol!!!
Have a fantastic flight and take care, chat soon

Trac x

Pam said...

CONGRATULATIONS_ you are a finalist in the scrapbooker of the year competition- well done you!