Sunday, January 07, 2007

Italy, the new me and a begger stole my camera!

WoW it's 2007 already. I hope that every one had a great christmas and new years. Mine was amazing, emotional and disappointing all in one.

Italy, we left on boxing day and came home nine days later. THE END!!! lol

Ok ok i'll tell you, we landed in breath taking Venice. The whole city is on water no cars, busses, trains, bike or scooters just your two feet and a hart beat to get around. So we put the foot falcons into drive and discovered this romantic city. The high lights for me were seeing the 400 square metres of golden mosaics in San Marco cathedral, Ducale's palace and the amazing Prosecco. (Italian white wine) This photo was taken about 4pm in the afternoon on Boxing day in Venice.

Then we got on the train and headed to the hart of Tuscany Florence. Brunelleschi's Duomo is the city's signature building and it is just amazing! We wandered the streets of Florence for three days so much to see it's a must of you are heading to Italy in my humble opinion. The only draw back is the beggars they are every where and it's sad and frustrating to see. The photo below was taken on this bridge that you walk over and lined on both sides are gold shops, so much gold! I just though that this was an amazing photo and had to share.

Then back on the train to Pisa. (Trains are so cheap and fast to get around as the Euro start hit's speeds of 300km) Now this is the sad part, while on the train my camera got stolen by these two beggars, and it's never to be scene again.

The river that splits Pisa, we walked from our hotel to the Train station to get our tickets for the next day and when walking back were gob smacked by this amazing photo op. The lights on the still water looked amazing and we just had to have a photo of it.

Pisa is a cool place to we stayed the night there and I was glad that we did. Most people just make it a day trip which made it a peaceful place in the evening. Our hotel was as close as you could get to the leaning tower about 50m you could see it from our hotel window. Boy that towers on a lean, you don't realise until you actually see it in real life.
From there we again got the train to Rome. What a busy city, and dirty the rubbish every were was a little overwhelming at times, but the ruins and sites defiantly made up for it. In Rome we waited 3 hours in line to go into the Vatican museum and the Sistine Chapel but it was worth it. We also did the other famous sites including The Pantheon, Roman Forum, Colosseum, The spanish steps and Trevi Fountain. After a rather quiet New years we headed to Naples. This photo is a happy snap of Josh and I at Trevi Fountain.

Naples or was it a war zone, rubbish, homeless people, stray dogs and bin on fire were our first impressions of Naples. We did however stay there for two nights. While there we made the short train trip to Pompeii. Pompeii would have to be the high light of my trip it was just amazing words cant describe the tradegy and amazement of the ruins there.

Now the disappointing. Apart from my camera being stolen (lucky we had joshes) the results of scrapbooker of the year are out and I didn't win or make the top 10.

Today I went to the hairdressers, below is my before and after shots, what do you think of my new do? I've wanted to get all my hair chopped off for a while now so it was time to do so.
No scrapping for me over the Christmas holidays I did make several hand made gifts which were loved but I forgot to get photo's.
I hope I have not bored you to death! lol
Lauren x


Megan said... disappointing that your camera was stolen. I would be beside myself without mine :-(

The photos you do have area great though. I have always wanted to see Italy. One day it will happen!

I love reading your blog and all your adventures!

Megan xx

Julie LOVE said...

LOVE your new DO Lauren and I love the photos too!!! it certainly sounds and looks like you are having a great time...bugger about the camera though :0(

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


keslyn said...

Hi Lauren,
Bad luck with the camera, sounds like you had a great time in Italy, I too would love to go there one day.
Happy new year

Chris Millar said...

Gosh Lauren, your Christmas holiday was super exciting!!! Love all your pics and hearing about all the places you visited. My sister got mugged when she was in Rome, I think it's the mugging capital of the world!
Bugger about scrapbooker of the year! Next time mate!
Happy New Year!

Pam said...

Really sorry to hear about your camera, and also the results of Scrapbooker of the year. The voting system favours those with a big network of friends and family, so it is not fair imo.Well done on making it to the top 20 though.On a brighter note I am glad you got to Pompeii- Whata truly amazing place.

Beth said...

Your photos are just amazing, but what a bummer your camera was stolen. Grrr. Your trip sounds wonderful!!! Love the new do!

Anonymous said...

Lauren it was so lovely to hear from you. And I am so pleased you had a lovely time, you photos are gorgeous, can't wait to see them scrapped.

Love the you look Lauren, Looks lovely.

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday, no I didn't forget, and I have a little something waiting here for you when you get home to go with your MM Tote.

Best wishes

Mel Diener said...

What a bummer you didn't win Scrapbooker of the Year. Your work is gorgeous though and you should be proud of yourself in any case.

Wow, sounds like you had an amazing trip (except for the camera being stolen, hope it was insured?). Love the piccies and I'm green with envy.

Your hair looks great too, very fresh.

Beth said...

Hey Lauren.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!