Monday, January 15, 2007

Well how dam fast is this year already going? Gee wizz I'd better get my socks on or this year is going to be over and i'll still be sitting here.

My week has just been turned up side down. On Sunday (last weekend) Josh and I had a very nice Lunch over at Upnor then went and watched a movie very nice. Then Josh has the worst nights sleep ever as he has a tummy ache and the worst fever I have ever scene. On Monday he stays home and call's me at work to tell me he has little red dots on his forhead and tummy. By Tuesday they were every where. (and yes every where) CHICKENPOX at 24!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh I would not wish what this poor guy has been through on any one. Fever for 5 days and spots spots spots!!! He will be off work all this week too as his only just starting to eat over this weekend and they are just starting to peal.

I did get a chance to have a scrap on Tuesday night at Scrapbook Sisters and I took a chocy cake along as my 23rd Birthday ws Wednesday 10th!!! It was a very quiet night as Josh was at the peak of his yucky chickenpox. But he did make the night a special one with a cake and candles.

I got lovely gifts from my work mates and Joshs family. My parents sent over a white gold chain for me. And my fav pressie of all was the digital photo frame from Josh. He even put a memory stick in with it with photo's on it for me. I love it I can have heaps of photo's just ticking over in the one frame!

Now this is a page I did back in November and I have just finished how sad is that. I have dulled it down as the letter on the page I didn't want to share. But I did the page. IYKWIM?!?

Josh took this photo the night we left Brisbane for England and the letter is about my feeling towards the move. My best mate Carole has taged me so here goes!

A - Available/Single? Available to Josh only. B- Best Friend? My Best Friend is Carole Janson I couldn't think of any one I trust and respect more then this increadable woman.
C- Cake or Pie? Apple pie D - Drink Of Choice? Tea I live in england now this place runs on it! lol E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? Eye cream I'm starting to worrie about my skin as I get older. F - Favorite Color? Blue G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? Both I LOVE lollies not big on chocolate H - Home or Homesick? Very homesick I - Indulgence? Holidays J - January Or February? January cause it's my birthday! L - Life Is Incomplete Without? The will to live every day as if it's your last N - Number Of Siblings? Two sisters Louise 3o and Lana 19 (Yes my parents had an 'L' thing)
O - Oranges Or Apples? Apples.
P - Phobias/Fears? Snakes
Q - Favorite Quote: 'Live well, laugh often, Love much'
R - Real Hair Color? Salt and peper blond
S - Season? Love hot Queensland Summers T - Tag 3 or 4 people? Pam, Karen & Julie U - Unknown Fact About Me? I purchased my first property at 18 V - Vegetable you don’t like? Umm tough one as I love my veggies probably brussel sprouts if they are over cooked
W - Worst Habit? I have to agree with Carole not sleeping
X - X-rays You’ve Had? umm too many to list I raced Moto X and played Netball for 16 years
Y - Your Favorite Food? Ice cream, Italy has amazing Ice cream!
Z - Zodiac Sign? Capracorn!!!

Well my back is so sore from I don't know what, I can't sit here any longer so over and out Wide World Web, I'm off to bed.

Hugs, Lauren x


Megan said...

Oh Lauren...they reckon chicken pox as an adult is just so miserable...poor Josh.

And Happy Birthday for the 10th!!! Hip hip hooray to you!!

Megan xx

Beth said...

Oh no! I hope Josh recovers quickly!

That layout is beautiful Lauren!

Paula said...

Poor Josh, he must have suffered bless him!
Good job he had you to nurse him.
Love the LO.

Mardi said...

Hi Lauren...I loved reading of your trip away (pity about the stolen camera).... and how awful for poor Josh to get the chicken pox....they are certainly nasty in adulthood...the poor guy.
Mardi x

Pam said...

How are you getting on Lauren- you must have had snow lately?

Sandra said...

Hi Lauren, just popping in to say "hello" and get to 'know' you via blogland, via the lovely Carole, looking forward to visiting your blog often.