Sunday, February 11, 2007

Do you like my new banner???? The lovely and very talented Tammy James did it for me. A big thank you I'll post the RAK on Monday for you.

Not all that much else has been happening, two of my mates from OZ arrive on Monday and I can't wait to catch up with them. Poor Josh has had the worst start to 2007 first it was the chicken pox and then his been having some tooth aches so I made the appointment and off he went to the dentist and an hour later i got the message, 'Honey he pulled my wizdom tooth out' yep in the chair. My hat goes off to any one who does it like that. I was 15 and had all four out before they even appeared and in the hospital. I don't do pain too well. Well not at all if it can be helped! lol

Yes my passion is to travel I love it now that I have the bug. I'm planing the next holiday as soon as we come home from the last. Thanks to every one who stops by my blog it means a lot to me. Well it's bed time i've spent wat too long on this computer this weekend already.

Hugs, Lauren x


Tammy said...

Hi Lauren, Im so happy that you like your banner Thanks for giving me the opportunity to create it for you I had a lot of fun doing it.

Chris Millar said...

The banner is gorgeous Lauren!! Well done to Tammy for creating it!

Love this layout too!

Poor Josh. The year can only get better from here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chicky, Tammy has done a lovely job of you banner.

Loving the layout, so very colourful and very you, just so pretty, love that photo of you and Josh.

You know Feb is nearly over, and March will go very quick and before you know it, it will be Easter, and then yay!! you will be home, not that I am counting the days or anything, I wouldn't do that LOL !!!

Best Wishes and Big Hugs.

Carole xxxx

tania said...

Banner looks great! .. and Love that Layout!

Megan said...

Lauren your banner is very cool! And so is your layout - look how much you have changed over the past 9 months or so.....there will be no stopping you on your quest for the title of most holiday spots visited around the world!

Megan xx

Mel Goodsell said...

Love your new banner Lauren! The layout is very cool too, I love the mix of hot pink and lime green with the other colours,

Pam said...

Lauren- you need to go over to UKS and read the thread called if you want a treat ...look here

Tracey said...

Hi Lauren

The LO looks great - you did a wonderful job with the stuff you bought from us. Thanks for passing on your Blog address.


Paula said...

Hey Lauren,
Good to "see" you again.
Love the banner. Another fab layout too!
Poor Josh isn't having too good a time of it is he, but at least he has you to take care of him.