Friday, February 16, 2007

Love is in the air!!!!

This is a tin and card that I created I had heaps of fun doing it. The Scrapbook Sisters gallery is up so stop by and see all the DT creations.

Valentines day was very lovely for me Josh really does spoil me. I had flowers delivered to work, which was a lovely thought, then we got dressed up went for dinner, where Josh game me a lovely watch, I have to go and get links taken out though.

Work has been mad for me at the moment so I haven't had all that much time to scrap, but getting a little done. Oh I got a brand new camera too a Fuji V10 and it takes great photo's. I hope that thouse xxxxx are enjoying my camera in Italy after they stole it!! (Yes still a little mad about that) If you get the chance stop by my gallery as i've done my very best to keep it up to date! lol

Lauren x


Chris Millar said...

Hi Lauren!! Love how you've decorated the tin and card!! Glad you had a lovely valentines and yay for the new camera!

Megan said...

Hi Lauren!

How fun getting a new camera! I know it would be better that you still had your old one, but getting new stuff is always exciting.

You've done an awesome job on your box and card too :-)

Megan xx

Sandra said...

Your tin looks great, they are a lot of fun aren't they.
Wow, new camera....(sad about the other one though) watch...
( lucky girl) banner...(looks gorgeous, I'm very into banners at the moment.) you ARE being spoilt. LOL
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, that was very sweet of you.

Anonymous said...

Lauren your tin and card is just so gorgeous, you have done such a lovely job, love it !!

I am so pleased you had such a lovely Valentines Day, we ended up in Bundaberg and Mike and Sarah went Go Carting and Chaise had a ball watching them. Then we had lunch at Sizzlers, it was lovely, Sarah had a Pupil Free Day, a little unusual for Valentines Day, but I am not complaining.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best Wishes

iralamija said...



Mel Goodsell said...

I'm sorry about your camera :O(
Love the tin and card - the red and black is striking,

Mardi said...

Hi Lauren....So glad you got a new camera....such a bummer about your stolen one....Grrrr..and yes I love the tin and card too....the colour combo is very striking...gorgeous!
Mardi x

Paula said...

New camera, fab tin & card, you are a very clever & lucky girlie.
I hope you enjoy taking millions of fabby pictures with it. I couldn't be without mine now!!xx