Friday, March 23, 2007

Ummmm....... Long time and no post I know!! I’ve been doing lots of thinking and I’m not too sure if I want to blog anymore.

I’ve been absolutely devastated by some one who I thought was my best friend so Scrapbooking has been the very last thing on my mind. This person once told me they would never peruse something I wanted and did and then went to the trouble to flaunt it in my face. Not very nice for me when they did.

I will say this why is Scrapbooking so competitive??? Why do some people have to be on every Design Team???

For me I always thought that it was a craft and enjoy it but the more it becomes a business its hard not to get competitive about it.

I think there is SO MUCH MORE to life then Scrapbooking………………

So for me I’ll still be uploading what I do manage to do into my gallery but still ponder the thought of bloging for a little longer. To be honest I’d prefer not to wear my heart on my sleeve but in my chest where it should be hidden away and not shared with the’s of the world.

For those that want to stay in contact for the time being my email is

Sad and very disappointed,

Lauren x


Chris Millar said...

Hi Lauren, I'm so sorry that you feel betrayed at the moment. Hugs!

allison said...

Hi Lauren I am sorry you are feeling so sad..I hope that you get on top of it soon.
Yes it is true there is more to life than scrapbooking and i hope you manange to find the right balance and happiness between both

Tammy James said...

Oh Lauren,
Sending hugs to you.

Mel Diener said...

OMG Lauren, what an awful thing to have happened to you.

You are so right about there being more to life than scrapbooking, I've recently made a longwinded post on exactly that same topic.

Hugs to you, please don't stop blogging, I've only just found you again.

Mel xxxx

Anonymous said...

Big hugs from me to Lauren, I hope you don't stop blogging either, I already miss you, if you stop blogging what will I do.

Thinking of you, and missing you.

Hugs Carole xxx

Julie LOVE said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling like this Lauren :0( I hope that you continue your blogging....and scrapping for that matter!!!

Take care ok and have a fabo weekend


Pam said...

I hope you will reconsider too Lauren, I enjoy keeping up with your travels.

Alli said...

sorry something bad happened, I just don't understand why they do it either, Lis and I were talking about this type of thing today and couldn't find any answers. Do what you do for yourself that is all I can tell you.

Paula said...

Sorry Lauren it is horrid that people do this.
I though scrapping was fun & to be shared but some of the communities are vicious. {{{hugs}}} your blog is yours keep it alive for those who think your work is fab!

Anam_Kihaku said...

*hugs* girlie - some people feel the need to be better than others in every way shape or form becuase they lack the ability to love themselves enough to just live their own life for themselves. its not a competitive sport, its just paper & glue.

love your pencil line layouts - please email them to us :) so we can share them with the world!

Mardi said...

Hi Lauren....Im so sorry you have been hurt... Id be very sad if you no longer Blogged...I always enjoy popping in fir a visit...
Hugs..Mardi x