Monday, April 16, 2007

The lovely Caroline from A Spoon Full Of Sprinkles asked me to be a Gourmet Guest Chef for this week. This is the LO that I created for the site. Stop by A Spoon Full Of Sprinkles and gather some insperation for this amazing site.

These guys are good friend of mine Tracey's two cute children.

The sun has been out warming up England over the weekend and Josh and decided to make the most of it. We had a lovely lunch and took a rug down to The Strand and spen the afternoon relazing in the sun. I read the paper and Josh slept off his hang over from the night before! lol This is a photo from Sunday. Yes look how white we are!!!

Now I have some very exciting news, I will send a RAK's anywhere in the world to who ever guesses correct. BUT I will give a hint, Fly away with me to paradise. Guess where our next trip will be too.

All you have to do is leave you guess in the comments and on Sunday night I will post where we are going and who has won. If more then one person guesses correct i'll send more RAK's



Caroline said...

Beatiful layout Lauren and thank you for talking part :)

Chris Millar said...

Gorgeous work for their site Lauren!! Glad you're getting some sun over there!

Ok, my guess is that you're going to the coast of Italy??

Megan said...

Oh dear, where is paradise?

I've got an idea Lauren but I'm not sure if that will be the NEXT place you go to....let's say the Maldives just for fun! But I hope it's the first place I'm thinking of :-)

Megan xx

Megan said...

Oh and Lauren, I love the layout!!

Mel Diener said...

Love the layout Lauren.

I'd be making the most of the sunshine's a rarety in England is it not? lol

Hmmm, where are you going? Spain?

Paula said...

Really beautiful layout Lauren.
Such gorgeous colours & a lovely photo to work with.

Allison said...

I'm guessing it is Home to Australia!!! umm and just want to say I love the layout. I love the orange colour as I totallylove orange at the moment. I also love how you have used to ric rac to seperate the two pieces of