Wednesday, December 05, 2007

WoW it's December already! 20 more sleeps till the big guy does his thing! We're very festive in our house this year, 3 trees are up, Josh and I got a bit excited I guess.

Josh is away for work, so I've been scrapping a far bit. I hate it when his away I get so scared, I'm such a kid when it comes to being home alone.
I love this photo's of Miss Aria at the beach she's such a great little 2 year old really a lovely little lady.

I'm going to my sisters this weekend to take some photo's of my nephews I just don't seem to have any, and feel like doing some boy LO's. This is one of Carole's little man Chaise, he is the coolest little man, I did this page a while ago now, but I've got to go a photograph all my LO's just too big of a job to do when it's so hot. It was 26 deg at 6am this morning when I was eating my breakfast! YUCK!!

We got 200mm rain on Friday night, and my studio had a little flood. Nothing was damaged but lucky Josh was home at the time so he sorted it all out.

Now does any one have any tips for me, I've got a dog that like to pull the washing of the line!?!?!

Merry Christmas!!


Sue's Blog said...

Lauren when our dog used to rip the washing off the line I doubled all the larger items over the line eg towels, sheets, jeans etc. Yes it was a pain and took twice as long to hang the washing out but it worked and he doesn't touch the washing now.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layouts as always Lauren, I am a little bias towards the second layout LOL !!

Ummm ..... those darn dogs.

See you on Wednesday.

Carole xx

Ann Lederhose said...

Um, use the dryer??? LOL sorry, been there done that with the dog and the washing but don't have any hints for you unfortunately. Just hope he grows out of it soon!