Monday, October 20, 2008

Secret Santa

Good afternoon all my scrappy friends!!

I would like to know who would be interested in joining in on my Scrappy Secret Santa swap for 2008.

- Sign up will be open until midnight Sunday November 15th
- Handmade card/tag to accompany a small gift to the value of $10
- Gifts can be craft related or not it’s completely up to you as the Scrappy secret Santa.
- Send the gift to your scrappy elf on Friday 5th December or close to that date so that every one is receiving them around the same time.

Please email me: to register your interest that way I will be able to email you back a scrappy elf to treat.

Please include the following info in your email

Postal Address:


Homestic Affairs said...

I'm excited to be a part of your swap! Thank you.

Jenny said...

Hi chick glad to have you back hope things are turning around for you. Can't wait to see you in November

sweetiemom said...

count me in